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One Giant Leap                                                                                Bookmark and Share

Presents most girls receive on their 21st:

A Key
A Cake
A Party
A Bungee Jump Ė wait...what?!

Sometimes itís frustrating and sometimes itís delightful that my parents donít regard me as Ďmost girlsí. This occasion, however, was just plain terrifying!

Iíd set my alarm early the day after partying with my friends. Very unusual, I realize; but I wanted to be recovered and presentable, on time for my parents picking me up. They refused to tell me what they
had in store for me; only insisting I dress casually, emphasizing jeans and trainers. After a pleasant drive through serene countryside we turned a corner and I spotted a huge crane, roughly 150ft high.
As we drew closer, my heart decided to draw closer to my throat. Waiting underneath the crane were some familiar faces from the night before. I couldnít believe not one of them had let slip. It seems I can trust my friends Ė if not always my parents!

                                                                 One Small Step

After signing a form, encouraged by my loyal fan base, I tried to focus on turning my nervousness into energy and concentration, while the friendly instructor talked me through the next little steps before making the one big one. I was weighed Ė cake guilt reached a peak Ė so they could make sure the bungee rope was the right strength and after yet another quick bathroom dash (nerves...) I was helped into the harness. The obvious expertise and vigorous safety checking carried out by my kindly guide reduced my trembling so I no longer quivered like last nightís vodka jelly.


After climbing in a cage which took me to the top of the crane and trying not to focus on how small
the cheering faces of my friends and family had become, I took a few deep breaths at the advice of
the instructor, who kept up a steady stream of encouragement. I had to fight against everything my
instincts were telling me in order to walk the plank but my screams of terror quickly turned to
screams of excitement. The ground shot up at me...then suddenly I was flung back almost as
quickly as I descended, like a human boomerang.

Crane Jumping Video       Bungee Jumping Video from a Hot Air Balloon

It was a truly unforgettable birthday surprise and Iím so proud of myself for going through with it.
I dread to think of the ribbing I would have received if I hadnít! It was all captured on film too, so I got
a DVD copy to take away with me to show to anyone who thought I didnít have the guts to go
through with it.

Itís Mum and Dadís 25 wedding anniversary next year. The traditional gift should be silver.
But Iíve decided tradition is boring so Iím swopping the silverware for Sphering, or perhaps a
romantic Tandem Skydive for them both. I give as good as I get!



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