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If you really want to get off the beaten track and find adventure, off-roading is a thrilling, and increasingly addictive, way to do so. I got into this rather bizarre pursuit about five years ago after going on an activity weekend with a friend of mine. After off-roading all over the world, I’ve reached the point now where I have a constant thirst to swerve off the tarmac and conquer unknown tracks. Normal driving has become dull and frustrating, and those ridiculous Landrover adverts where car beats hurricane – or something equally ludicrous – have become challenges rather than aesthetically pleasing marketing strategies. If you’re ready to get equally addicted, here are five places you should visit…Off-roading


The Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan, USA

One of my off road driving adventures took me to the US and Michigan’s extensive sand dunes. Driving in sand is extremely exhilarating, but requires a particular kind of skill. I learned this the hard way by getting stuck in copious amounts of golden grains on this very trip to the Silver Lake sands. I ended up having to take an exhausting trek to get help to free my overloaded ORV. However, if you know what you’re doing, Silver Lake is a fantastic area to explore.

Desert 4x4s Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi, Emirates

Another wonderful sand-filled location (although I managed to avoid breaking down here) is in the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates. I’m a particular fan of driving through this type of terrain. The activity is actually known as ‘white-water rafting for the desert’ in this location. Breathtakingly beautiful, this area is certainly another ORV must-visit hotspot.

Mombasa, Kenya

Another of my favorite off-road locations is near Mombasa in Kenya. Here, you can combine off-roading with nature watching, embarking on your own exciting safari adventures. Grasslands are a slightly different terrain to sand, and there’s much less likelihood of getting stuck. I therefore managed to avoid any embarrassing incidents here, apart from nearly wounding a passing wildebeest!

Big Cypress National Reserve, Florida, USA

I made a trip to this park near Miami about a year ago and was utterly blown away by the experience. This area was created specifically for ORV use, and there are over 400 miles of terrain to explore!

Out of these, my ultimate favorite would have to be the last one – Florida’s Big Cypress Reserve. As the area is specifically designed for off-roading, it has limitless opportunities, varied terrain and is just absolutely ideal. Also, there are lots of other crazed thrill fanatics with the same inane thirst for keeping off the road as I have!

Whether an off-road holiday was one of your possible Christmas gift ideas or you’ve never thought seriously about the sport before, there’s never been a better time to start! Join me in my adrenaline mania and start driving on and off the road!



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