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When I am changing my bike, I usually try to avoid mentioning this to other cyclists because they all have their own (usually very strong) opinions and will try to categorically shove you in the direction of mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes or whichever bike type they have. Well, just because one bike type is their preference, doesnít mean to say that it will be mine! After all if there were just one bike type that was the best, then wouldnít that be the one that everyone used? So it actually depends on what kind of cycling you do, where you do it and whether you cycle for leisure or transport. Donít get bullied into choosing a bike that someone else likes or thinks will be good for you; it really is a personal choice and one that only you can make!

Road Biker on the StreetRoad bikes

I live in a city, so I use my road bike for transport. It has been designed to cope with the road conditions, it is pretty stream lined with a seat that is designed for the conditions it will be used in. There is a really good selection of road bikes at Cycle Surgery.

But you may be like me and have different types of bike: I have a mountain bike that I use when I am out and about in my leisure time. Mountain bikes are designed for off road use and designed to withstand really rugged terrain and uneven surfaces; but are not designed for road use. If you donít do all that much off roading then you will probably be fine with a road bike.

Mountain Biker going downhillMountain Biker

A friend of mine uses a folding bike because he commutes by train for part of his journey and then he cycles for a bit, so the folding bike offers him the opportunity to use both public transport and his bike. He can also catch a lift when it is raining because the folding bike can easily fit into the boot of a car. You can get a really good indication of what is on offer if you visit a cycle shop and you will see that the choice of folding bikes is now really comprehensive, compared with only a few years ago. Historically there was a limited choice; but now there are literally so many to choose from, itís great!

Folding Bike at the Beach

So the moral of the tale is that you ought to check out different types of bike before being forced into choosing one that may not suit your exact needs. Buying a bike is a considered choice and you want to buy one that is the best for you, not just a bike that suits someone that you know or is their preference. So be resolute, shop around and make sure that you get a bike that will be the best fit for you; not anyone else!


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