Tarrywile Park
Over 21 miles of trails on 722 Acres

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Park History
In 1896 the mansion was purchased by Dr. William C. Wile, Danbury's first medical examiner and the principal benefactor of Danbury Hospital. Wile's sold the mansion in 1910 to Charles Darling Parks. He enclosed much of the original estate with a stone wall, created a lake and several ponds, constructed a greenhouse, and added a conservatory to the main house. He purchased the Castle as a wedding gift for his daughter Irene, whose reception was the first to be held in the Mansion. He acquired his property by buying up woodlands in the surrounding mountains, which then totaled well over 1,000 acres. It included one of the State's largest independent dairy farms, as well as cornfields, peach and apple orchards. Faithful to C. D. Parks' vision and commitment to creating a place of natural beauty, his heirs (led by his daughter Jean Parks Davis and her husband Dr. Donald Davis, along with her sister Irene Parks Jennings Rathmell and heirs) held on to most of the property through the 1970's and early 1980's. In 1985 the City purchased the estate for $4.7 million consisting of 19 buildings and 535 acres, which is designated for passive recreation. In 1989, the Tarrywile Park Authority was established to oversee the operation of Tarrywile Park.

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July 1994 marked the official opening of the Tarrywile Park hiking trail system. At that time, the system included over 5.5 miles of trails, which were marked in the summer of 1995 in accordance with National Trail standards. By the summer of 2004, twenty-one miles of trails had been marked and a new trail map was distributed.


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Park office located on 70 Southern Blvd. 
Danbury, Connecticut 06810 

Maps of Trees & Trails







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Short Video of Park Wildlife, Scenery, Museum, Plein-Air Painters




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