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The Largest Bike Tour in America

Our 5 Boro Bike N.Y. adventure started in Danbury Ct.1999. My friend Scott, brother Dave and I threw our bikes in the back of a pickup truck and drove for and 1.5 hours into New York City.
We Parked only a
BIKENY6.jpg (225598 bytes) couple of miles from the starting line. When we arrived at the starting line we were amazed on the BIKENY2.jpg (265824 bytes)number of bikers who were all looking forward to riding in the most perfect sunny day you could imagine. The start was slow, but when the 30,000 plus bikers started moving it was a rush. You just knew it was going to be one of those days that you would never forget. Your average bike speed for a none racing bike tour like this is about 10 mph (that includes a 5 minute break every hour). This will give you some insight on how much time it will take you to cover certain distances on your average bike ride. The average speed for a bike racer, like in the Tour de France, is about 25mph(40kmh). They go more then twice as fast and twice as long than your average bike rider does, they are truly incredible athletes.

Just being able to ride and maneuver when surrounded by all those cyclists was both exciting and challenging at the same time. Then during all that, there were the skyscrapers and  bridges, some of which I never seen before. There were also many different styles of bikes too. My favorite one being the four person bike with two adults in front and then the back sloping down to fit two smallBIKENY8.jpg (340542 bytes) BIKENY3.jpg (278592 bytes)children. Then the bike with a chair instead of a seat which I proceeded to call the man lazy. He laughed and then replied “it’s more of a work out then it looks”. There were also the many different styles of helmets, who could forget the Guinness helmet guys.

Then there was the occasional wipe out, as long some one was helping them you didn’t feel badBIKENY4.jpg (183370 bytes) because you knew if you tried to stop you might cause a chain reaction of more wipeouts. Which probably explains the different bike parts that I occasionally started to see on the streets.

BIKENY7.jpg (185583 bytes)How about the joggers in Central Park who seemed to be unfazed that they were surrounded by thousands of cyclists. The cyclists were of every nationality and varied in ages from 2 to 70. Did anyone else see that guy going down hill standing on his bike with no hands in central park? How about that house with the stereo on the roof blasting music for the riders.

TwinTowers.jpg (468222 bytes)After that we made a quick stop at the Between the Bridges Pub. When we wereBIKENY5.jpg (248934 bytes) ready to leave a lot of parked bikes had surrounded our bikes. Trying to get out, my brother accidentally knock over the same bike three times in a row, which was so hilarious even the owner of the bike couldn’t stop laughing.

Then of coarse the party at the end. Hopefully you are with everyone you came with because it’s hard to find some one among all those bikers. Then there was the ferry ride back. You can ride back over if your not into the long wait for the ferry. I wish I did because I lost a roll of film over the edge of the ferry when I went to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty, Oh well, I lost the pictures from the beginning of the ride but at least I have pictures from the rest of the ride.

After all that it was an easy ride for 42 miles and I’m definitely looking forward to doing it again
Thanks New York,  Howard Polley  
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Five Boro Bike Tour
The annual Five Boro Bike Tour, the largest recreational cycling event in America! Share a truly unique adventure with 30,000 cyclists and experience 42 traffic-free miles through the five boroughs of New York City. Venture with fellow cyclists onto the Madison Avenue, Third Avenue, Queensboro, Pulaski and the majestic Verrazano-Narrows bridges–what better way is there to see the sights of New York City? Pre-registration required. Adults $40, children $25. Registration available online now at

Bike New York is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages bicycling and bicycle safety education through education, public events and collaboration with community and government organizations. Proceeds from Bike New York events support the Five Boro Bike Tour, the Harlem Valley Rail Ride July 30, 2006, the Twin Lights Ride September 30, 2006, Bike New York’s Bicycle Education Program and other non-profit organizations such as Recycle-A-Bicycle (RAB) and the New York City Department of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Program.

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Bike New York
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New York, NY 10025
Tel: 212.932.BIKE (2453)
Fax: 212.932.3206


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