There is the other half of the Galapagos Islands and that half lies under the ocean. The snorkeling was amazing in the Galapagos waters. So memorizing and tranquil that you forget where you were sometimes, which isnít a good thing because you should be aware of where you are and where your swimming partner is at all times. Sea lions, Green Sea Turtles, Penguins and other fishes swim by your face, so natural, it feels like this is your true home and you are one with all the life that surrounds you. Like floating in space.

 Itís time for me to get a really good under water camera because I would love to show people what this under sea world really looks like.

 I was so hooked on snorkeling that I never went Sea kayaking or even took a ride in the Glass bottom boat during our entire trip. I snorkeled 7 times all together.

 Some of the species viewed in the 7 times snorkeling: Galapagos Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas,
Galapagos Penguins, Green Sea Turtle, White-Tipped Reef Shark, Star Fish, Sea Urchins,
Yellow-tailed Surgeonfish, King Angelfish, Snappers, Grunts, Parrotfish & Rays just to name a few. 











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