Waved Albatross on Punta Suarez, Espanola / Hood Island

The Waved Albatross is a monogamous bird, which breeds exclusively on Galapagos in large colonies and can live around 50 years. The Albatross can Fly long distances over open waters without touching land for many days or even months. Their preferred food is squid but they also take fish and crustaceans snatching them from the water surface or just below it. Waved Albatrosses are large and heavy bodied birds and have difficulty landing and taking off. 

Some albatrosses in a study, researchers placed tags on the sea birds that recorded their location twice a day for 18 months. The recovered data showed that more than half the albatrosses circled the globe at least once. One bird circled the globe three times. Another made a single 13,000 mile loop in just 46 days.

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