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Idea for a New Video Game                                     
Conceptualized January 7, 2010

The Brainwashers Game is where players fight corporations and their cronies who are brainwashing people all over the world. Corporations are increasing their wealth and control over the human race for evil purposes and its up to you to stop them.  

High and low tech weapons will be used in this game but the players will only succeed if they can also use their mind to solve problems and overcome obstacles.  Game situations will be simulated to portray real life. When the cronies attack it’s kill or be killed in all out battles of wit and skill. Cronies, or better known as 'Erasers', have the best weaponry that money can buy and so should you, if you don’t, you better be smart and have a good plan.  Using Games to Solve Problems


This free play game will use actual data and facts so that each player will learn about the human brain and also learn how to defend themselves against vulnerabilities of the mind. The game will also get as close as possible to real life circumstances so that the player can understand the skills they have to use and how these skills apply in the real world. Depending on your actions there will be all kinds of scenarios and situations to contend with. Time management will be enforced so that you will only be allowed to play the game for only 2 hours a day. This will also help level the playing field and keep you from becoming addicted or obsessed with the game.  Transreality Gaming  


When creating your game character you have to input your exact age, height, weight, size, skills and educational experience that you have at the moment  because when you take on other people in the game, these characteristics will affect your ability to accomplish certain tasks and fight enemies. Just like in real life you have to be aware of your abilities and strengths. If you lie and cheat in this game it you will only end up giving yourself a false sense of security in the real world, which could put you at risk.    Simulated Practice


There will have 2 versions of the game. One rated 'E' for everyone and one 'R' restricted for players 18 and over. This does not mean that younger players will not be able to use weapons, they can still train and practice using guns and weapons when supervised by the games agent trainer or parent, who will also emphasize the importance of brain power. Yes you are an agent, a citizen agent, for the organization called the C.C.A., which stands for Citizens Control Agency. This is where everyone gets trained in hand to hand combat, weapons and of course mind control. C.C.A. agent associates are called Filters. Filters work for the Collective Intelligent Consensus Agency, or C.I.C.A. Filters are the eyes and ears of the world, especially in the city where each Filter lives. The specialize in filtering information to extract the truth. They also have specialized knowledge and skills but don’t have the same training, skills and intellectual defenses of a C.C.A. agent. 'Filters' are trusted sources, but Filters are still vulnerable to the 'Brainwashers' deceiving tactics and misinformation, so caution is always recommended. Filters helpers are called ' Highlighters '. Highlighters highlight events, information and data that they believe will benefit the filters. You also have to be aware of the 'Regulators'. Regulators were set up by the Government to help regulate information and technology. But some Regulators were infiltrated and are sometimes used against the publics best interest. Filters are believed by the general public to be angels and the brainwashers are believed to be demons. "Evil is not born, evil is an anomaly that is derived from ignorance."  The Sims


The game will be similar in some ways like the game Half-Life, with great imagery, great effects, cool weapons with added 3D Virtual Reality and Gesture Technology camera controls, Sixth Sense Technology and other Human Machine Interfaces so that the gamer does not have to be glued to a chair. Players can also design Their Own Controls to fit there preference or abilities. This virtual reality game will also use Voice Recognition and Motion Sensing so that the player will not have to use the keyboard all the time to communicate. Brainwashers will be a ' Life Simulator '.
A machine that simulates an environment for the purpose of training or research.
And don't worry about the dangers because it will have a much happier ending then the 1992 movie called 'The Lawnmower Man'.    Head-Mounted Display (wiki)    Oculusvr    Oculus Rift    Ingress


Educational Simulations     Education Simulations     Open Simulator     Online Skill-Based Game 

Virtual Reality   Artificial Intellegence


You play against the Brainwashers in teams (Guilds) or alone. The best team wins. But you also have to be aware that your own players can be brainwashed and become the enemy. And the players who have been brainwashed might not even know that they have been brainwashed, so you can’t believe everything you see or hear. There is a great example of how this type of game can be very educational, It's called the World Peace Game (youtube)     World Game (wiki)   o.s.Earth


Real world education will be needed to accomplish some of your tasks. You might have to call a friend, read a book, take a course or search the Internet for information. So the game will have online features as well like a message board to share info and ideas. The game will also have updates to create new versions and scenarios. Some new versions and updates will come directly from players input through open software applications. Brainwashers game will be similar to M.M.O.R.P.G. or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game like World of Warcraft so that some of those same game skills can be used. Brainwashers game is not fantasy so the time you put into this game will actually be time spent on your education. The role you play will be your own life in a synthetic world that will help benefit you in the real world.  Eve Online

You also have to know when to use a weapon and when not to use a weapon. Remember your brain is your greatest weapon. Mistakes will lower your lifespan and your power but you can reclaim power and restore your lifespan when you learn to correct the mistakes that you have made.


If you shoot someone who is innocent then you go to jail. There are situations where you just can’t shot or kill everyone. But all is not lost because while you’re in jail you can still learn and study new skills and accomplish some of your goals. But your team will have to fight the brainwashers without you. Prison will not be easy because enemies will be everywhere, so your mission will still has purpose and cause. If you figure how to escape prison or get an early release then you can reenter the game (time spent will be accelerated of course). So you might be in prison, or a hospital, another country, or in some special training or course, but wherever you are, be rest assured that the Brainwashers could be anywhere you are, so stay alert and stay focused.


The Brainwashers game will also be played online at any computer. The game will also be played on big screen computers in arcades, bars and other gaming facilities. There will be a Brainwashers Olympics every year. Players will be able to compare their skills against other players in several categories and game levels. Player’s stats and scores will gauge their performance and also increase their status in the game. The player’s stats and scores will eventually be used towards their GPA or on a resume if needed. All players will be retested periodically to assure level status and to discourage fraud. All Player’s stats and scores, as well as player feed back, will be used to improve the game and make sure that the game progresses.   Simulation Video Game

Computer Simulator     Flight Simulator    Instruction Set Simulator     Reality Simulation

These types of games “Games that Teach” will be a series of new games that will have each player walk away with knowledge and skills they can use, while at the same time be entertained by the latest technological advances in gaming software.  
Game Based Learning (Wiki)

Brainwashers game will take professional game development with unique game design techniques, so all that game programming will take time.

Game Developers are welcome to enquire about development and to submit ideas

Don’t be surprised if Brainwashers becomes a movie first before it even becomes a game, so stay tuned.

Question: Is the movie ‘Brainwashers’ going to be like the movie ‘Gamer’?
Answer: There might be a couple similarities. The Brainwashers movie will closely represent reality just like the Brainwashers Video Game. The movie ‘Gamer’, being great as it was, was more fantasy. The Brainwashers movie will be more reality based. The Brainwashers movie will be about people playing the game and realizing that the game is beginning to predict future events. Some of the games characters are actually depicting real people in the news. So the players start paying closer attention to the game and start investigating what they think is going to happen. This is when the players discover that they are not alone when other game players start showing up in the same places that they are investigating. They also discover that they are now being watched. So now the players have to take their virtual reality skills that they learned playing the Brainwashers Video Game and apply them to the real world. What happens next is beyond incredible. You might see some similarities to an Adventure Game or Interactive Fiction but it will be on a different level.
And as long as solving puzzles, solving riddles, solving obstacle courses and solving mazes has a reason and a lesson involved, then these types of learning tools will always be fun to use.

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What Gaming Should Be 

Not all the games of course, just half of all games.

If you are to allow people to make violent video games that are non-educational, then you also have to make non-violent games that are educational, games that are of the same quality or even higher quality then the violent games. If you don't do this then the message is clear, you are an ignorant society that ignores it problems by escaping into a fantasy world that is so far from reality that you are doomed to fail. And you wonder why children have problems and why they are so inept to handle reality. So go ahead play your video games you fools, but remember, there will always be that one game that you will never win at, because you simply ignore the rules and you simply lack the key information, knowledge and skills to play this game effectively, and when you die, you are dead, no start over, no save, no pause, no recover, no redo, no life. Game over.
Online Skill-Based Game

Eventually I would like to see all the game characters from all the online games to come together in one game and have an all out Competition. A competition that judges more then just Hand and Eye Coordination but all aspects of Problem Solving.    Game Theory (wiki)

Most professional computer game players can get up to five or six hundred actions per minute, that's 10 actions per second, and that's just to play a game, so how would those skills be used toward a real life need or learning objective?    Creative    Minecraft Edu 

"Electronic Sports Players are an incredible resource that is being wasted. Imagine combining all the efforts of all these highly skilled people into solving problems around the world?"



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