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Items needed in this checklist will depend on the type of adventure or your personal preference.

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1: Tent (Setup and Check your Tent before you leave) Bring small repair kit with nylon filament,
    duck tape and thin wire) Note: Make sure your tent is suitable for the weather conditions like
    high winds and cold temperatures.
If expecting cold weather leave a nit hat and extra clothes
    in your tent and put on your rain flap to protect from cold wind.   Nikwax Water Proofing
    Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent with Fans
    Cinch! Ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED
    Crua Hybrid Tent - Hammock - Hammock Expert

2: Sleeping Bag that's a little longer then you and rated for 30 degrees below expected temperature.
    (You can always remove clothing if too hot or you can use the sleeping bag like a blanket).
    Kachula 2.0- Packable Multi-Use Adventure Blanket Waterproof, Packable and Versatile.

3: Sleeping Pad, Pillow and maybe a sleeping bag liner if you need one.

4: Back Pack with small waist pack   Backpack Adjusting Tips   Camping Guidelines
    Backpacks utility bags made in Canada by ynot

5: Hiking Boots with Reinforced Hiking Socks that wick away moisture.
    (Wear your hiking socks when trying on new boots at the store to get a good fit)
    SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear

6: Camp Stove and Fuel (If flying to your destination buy fuel when you land)
    Cooking at Camp
Solar Oven (amazon)    Camping Stoves

7: Cooking Pan or Camping Pot Set with Lexan Utensils.  Keep Everything Clean and Fresh

8: Sunscreen that's waterproof so that you don't have to reapply as often.

9: Swimsuit or River shorts.
    (Bring large trash bags to keep items dry and to keep wet items separate)

10: Camp Towel and Bath Bag
      Biodegradable Toilet Paper
(amazon)    Super Absorbent Towel that's light and quick drying

11: Sunglasses with strap (preferably with a light tinted glass for better visibility)

12: Matches that are waterproof or matches in a waterproof tin and small candle.
      Remember 9 out of 10 forest fires are started by people.  Enviro-Log
      So know the
Rules and your Responsibilities when making Fires

13: Sneakers, River shoes or Durable Sandals for wading and walking around the campsite.

14: Hat for shade in summer, a hat for warmth in spring, fall and winter  (Bandana)  Hoo Rag

15: Polypro, Fleece, Spring and Fall (wear synthetic material as a first layer to wick away moisture)
   Thinsulate - Primaloft - Aerogel or go natural with Merino Wool

16: Clothing (always bring something warm, extra socks, rain gear or long underwear)
SilverTech, Odorless Underwear Made in Pure Silver Sustainable organic boxers, socks and t-shirts.
The Forever O.G. Pants - Lifetime Quality Pants that are Odor, Liquid & Stain Resistant - backed by a Lifetime Quality and Size Guarantee Silver infused pants that are Odor, Liquid & Stain Resistant, Made in New York and backed by a Lifetime Quality and Size Guarantee.

17: Mesh Ditty Bag. (Use to separate dirty clothes and to tie up food in trees to avoid animals)

18: Waterproof container or pouch for personal items or electronics.

19: Litterbag. Large Trash bags (makes an adequate poncho if you don't bring one)

20: Cell phone is optional depending on coverage and Walkie-Talkies are fun to have.
(Always notify a close family member or friend of your travel plans)

21: Compass and Maps even if you have a GPS
(Learn how to read topographic maps @
)   Trail Maps 
      Make sure your compass declination matches the map you are using.  Trackers
      (true north or magnetic north)    Portable Solar Power    
Personal Energy Generator

22: GPS that's Hand held, water proof with downloadable waypoints and
      a 12 parallel channel WAAS-enabled receiver.

23: First Aid Kit with mole skin.  Leukotape   Hydropel Sports Ointment (amazon)

24: Food (Bring some extra dry food, some brown sugar, salt, broth cubes and tea bags.
      Food Ideas
    MRE's Meals Ready to Eat
(amazon)     Sweet and Sara

25: Flashlights (Bring two, one hands free with Extra Batteries).  Cree Led Flashlight  Blackfire
      Swivel Head Flashlight 
  Hands Free Headband    Solar Waterproof Flashlight  
      The World's Smartest Outdoor Lantern   
      1000W LED Flashlight - Worlds Brightest (90,000 Lumens) (youtube)
      BioLite BaseLantern - Smartgrid Goes Off-Grid
      Touch 1K, The Only Flashlight You'll Ever Need

26: Foil (to use as a cup or a signaling device in an emergency by using the sun's reflection)

27: Insect Repellent and or Head Net. Avoiding Ticks

28: Rope or Water Proof Cord.    52 Playing Cards with Survival Tips on each Card
     Qliplet - The Everyday Adventure Super Clip

29: Pocket Knife   -  or Multi-Tool and GI Can Opener.

30: Folding Hand Saw and or Machete or Axe

31: Folding Shovel.

32: Trekking Pole or Poles (Hiking Pole can double as a tripod or unipod for a camera)
      FLM: The Ultimate Travel Tripod

33: Pocket Mirror (to use as a signaling device, some bath bags have mirrors)

34: Prescription Glasses (an extra pair if you can)

35: Prescription Medications if needed.

36: Radio or MP3 Player with Radio and extra batteries.
      MP3 Downloads
Audio Books       Battery Charger   Personal Energy Generator

37: Power Inverter for car cigarette lighter to charge batteries and run other electronics.
      Portable Solar Power

38: Space blanket or a piece of plastic (to use for warmth, tarp shelter or ground cover)

39:  Water Bottle An extra large collapsible water bottle if car camping or for a large group.

40: Water Purifier and or Water Purification Tablets   SteriPen Opti Kit     Katadyn

41: Whistle (to scare off animals or to use as a signaling device in an emergency)

42: Digital Camera with extra batteries and memory. Recommended Cameras
      Cool Camera Modifications    Hacks  Pakpod Versatile Tripod

43: Small Sewing Kit.

44: Fish Hooks and some Fishing Line.

45: If Car Camping bring at least 2 Coolers. One for Drinks and the other for Food. Car camping
      also means that you can bring an inflatable mattress and a pillow to make it more
      comfortable.    Portable SUV Tent for Tailgate



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"I love to see people go camping for a few days a year and enjoy the outdoors. But what's really sad
and disturbing is that those same people who have the privilege to enjoy the natural world for a few
days a year, spend the rest of their year polluting the environment and living a wasteful and
ignorant lifestyle. You should stay home if you don't care. That's probably why some people do stay
home in the first place, some people just don't care. So we have to find better ways of making people more aware of the environment and more aware of the choices they make, especially the choices that degrade the environment. If you keep destroying the environment that you need to live, eventually there will be no environment to enjoy at all for anyone. So please do your best to educate yourself about Cause and Effect."



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