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To make a Helmet Cam using the Sony MHS-PM5 Bloggie HD Video Camera

First buy the Sony MHS-PM5 Bloggie HD Video Camera with Swivel Head.
Next buy a Bicycle Helmet if you donít already have one
Next buy Velcro Cable Straps
Next buy a Cell Phone Carrying Case

 First you want to do is attach the carrying strap to the pocket size camcorder.
Now modify the Cell Phone Carrying Case by cutting a hole in the bottom to pass the carrying strap through the hole (This will help secure the camcorder in the Cell Phone Carrying Case so it doesnít slide out when in motion).  Now cut a side window in the Cell Phone Carrying Case so that you can operate the camera while it is attached to the helmet. Now turn the Swivel Head lens out straight and place the Camcorder in the Cell Phone Carrying Case and pass the carrying strap through the hole in the Cell Phone Carrying Case and then fold it back into the case with the carrying strap. Now attach the Camcorder to the Helmet using the 4 Velcro Straps (connect 2 Velcro Straps to make one). Turn on camera and start the movie. Fun for Biking, Rollercoaster's and any where you need both hands or need your hands to be free. You can also attach this camera to other helmets or items using Adhesive Back Velcro or other secure means. 
Camera Modifications

Helmet Cameras

Note: you will want to make sure you have the rights settings on the camera and also use a small piece of tape to hold the Swivel Head lens in place. You will have to experiment with the Swivel Head lens placement to get the right angle that you desire. I like to use the top part of my bicycle helmet visor as my guide to tell me what the top line of my video frame is. This way when I see the tip of my visor I know that the top of my video frame ends there and any thing above the visor will be out of the camera's view. Knowing the top cut off point of the video frame I can estimate where the bottom frame is cut off depending on the video resolution. Note: The frame area will differ when close up versus objects far away. If you use a Waterproof Camera Bag waterproof clear bag you can take it whitewater rafting or other Water Sports.

Warning: Camera mounts can be vey dangerous under some circumstances. Try not to damage safety equipment or reduce their effectiveness by attaching camera mounts to them. If parachuting understand that some camera mounts may keep a parachute from fully deploying. You may also be distracted by cameras, thus make mistakes that could cost you your life. Be very careful, please. 










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