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 attacks and abuses their affiliates once again

Sorry, we were attacked again by, so the books listed are gone.

The first time attacked my business was the sales tax dispute with Ct. They canceled my account because I lived in Ct.
Now they stopped old banners from working. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will update the list sometime in the future.

You will see more of these banners on this website that were hacked by

Let's fight Hunger together, another lie from, totally disrespectful. How does fighting hunger work when you attack people and take away their ability to make money and earn a living. And then all those people I was advertising for, they are now going to lose business too, so 100's of people are effected.

Besides that, there was no link on the banner that would actually direct you to help alleviate hunger, which they could have easily done by putting a link to a page that I already have. 
Hunger, Poverty, Charities, Volunteering

At least this is not as bad as the Google algorithm scam. Google lowered my website ranking using an some algorithm excuse. It was actaully censorship, killing the competition,  fraud, monopolizing, abuse and so on.  So I refuse to let them extort money from me for advertising fees. But sadly, that scam caused other people to pay money and also contact me because of Google's scam. People claimed that my website was hurting their rankings. Just another way that this algorithm scam was victimizing people. "Don't be evil" yet here you are google. You hurt small businesses and at the same time you tainted the search results.

Google is facing an European anti-trust investigation into whether it unfairly demoted the pages of certain competitors.

Then there was AT&T, who rips off customers by over charging them. And when you seek justice, our criminal politicians and lawyers take their share of the fraud, while AT&T still makes millions from ripping off customers, and then the politicians and lawyers have the audacity to call it fighting crime, when they are in fact accessories to the crime. So the victims of the crime get nothing except that they will be victimized by AT&T again and again, as always, along with other corporate criminals. They are not looking out for the consumer, they are just scumbag criminals too. Thanks for nothing assholes.

Why is it the wealthiest Corporations always end up attacking people, especially people who are just trying to do what is right?

Microsoft, The Banks, and the U.S. Government. All committing crimes. The list goes on and on. We need to put an end to this bullshit, it's killing people, and our planet.

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