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Vermont Camping Lake Champlain
July 13-16, 2012

Maine Camping Acadia National Park
July 22-25, 2011

Foraging for Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants
October 31, 2010 Danbury Connecticut

Annual North East Camping Trip (Vermont)
August 20th-23rd, 2010

93rd Indianapolis 500 "100 Years"
Sunday May 24, 2009

West Texas & Southern New Mexico
March 13 - 28, 2009 - 16 days

Mt. Washington White Mountains N.H.
08/08/08 - 11th

Galapagos Islands Ecuador South America
6/3-10, 08

Canine Disc Competition 5/05/07

Orcas Island / Seattle Washington

Air Show Adventure Atlantic City New Jersey  8/23/06

Canadian Rockies Adventure 8/11/06

Delaware River Adventure 8/04/06

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The Insatiable Traveler 

Outdoor Research Verticulture

Wandering Scientist all around the world.

Tribal Wives (YouTube)

Skydiving Adventure

Zorbing inside a Big Plastic Ball

Paragliding Adventure

Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival

Beardsley Zoo Bridgeport, Ct.  4/25/07

Jury Duty Adventure 1/15/02

Antique Machinery Festival  9/29/07

Motley Crue / Buckcherry, Ct.  08/24/08

Heavy Metal Show in N.Y.  

Beyond Limits Magazine 


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Video Podcast
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Survival Tips and First Aid

Adventure is Freedom

Lillian Alling was an emigrant to North America from Eastern Europe who, in the early years of the 20th Century, attempted a return by foot to her homeland. Her recorded journey started in New York and went westward through Southern Canada, British Columbia, the Territory of Alaska, and possibly across the Aleutian Islands to Russia.

Nimblewill Nomad. The Man Who Went On A Hike — And Never Stopped Walking - MJ Eberhart — AKA Nimblewill Nomad.

Long Walks Info Graph (image)

Cross Country Road Trip Across America

Woodstock 94, Saugerties New York
August 13 & 14, 1994

The 5 Boro Bike Tour New York City

Mighty Kilimanjaro – The Worlds’ Most Accessible Summit

New Years Eve Times Square New York City  12/31/07

Hawaii’s Big Island Review

A Wolf Adventure

Driving Around the World

Expedition 360 Circumnavigation of the World

The Tropic of Capricorn BBC Documentary

Ibn Battutah
 Traveled 75,000 miles, 40 countries,
 3 continents in a 30-year odyssey

Journey to Mecca

"A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step."

Jean Béliveau
11-year Round the World Walk
August 18, 2000

One-Year Performance: Walking, Silence
walks 9,000 miles across the country in 1 year

Longest Unsupported Solo World Run
(Rosies Walepope)

Cassandra De Pecol 196 Sovereign Nations

Walking Tours

Out of Eden Walk 

Donner Trail Homestead
2000 mile trek by Barbara Maat

Two on Four Wheels
Cycling Around the World\

Sara Houten
London2London: Via the World Expedition
Rowing Boat, Bike and Kayak

Tracks is a 2013 Australian drama film directed by John Curran and starring Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver. It is an adaptation of Robyn Davidson's memoir of the same name, chronicling the author's nine-month journey on camels across the Australian desert.

Long Road South
10,000 mile bike ride from Portland, Oregon
to Patagonia, Argentina

Sarah Marquis
Walked 10,000 Miles alone from Siberia to the Gobi Desert, into China, Laos,
Thailand, and then across Australia.

Walking the Amazon

Big River Man Swims the Amazon River
3,273 Miles
Martin Strel Marathon Swimmer   Wiki

Around the World with No Luggage

How to Travel the World for Free

Photographic Adventurer

How to Live a Money-Less Life by Mark Boyle

Charlie Wittmack The World Triathlon

Mike Horn   Website

Andrew Skurka
A distinguished adventure athlete
speaker, guide, and writer. The 30-year-old is most well known for his solo long-distance trips, the most recent being his 4,700-mile 6-month Alaska-Yukon Expedition. In total, he has backpacked, skied, and packrafted
30,000+ miles through many of the
world's most prized backcountry and wilderness areas -- the equivalent of traveling 1.2 times around Earth's equator! Skurka has been recognized as "Adventurer of the Year"
 by National Geographic and
"Person of the Year" by Backpacker.

Sarah Marquis Adventure Traveler

North Pole 09




Writing Quotes and Sayings

I have never lived so passionately as when I am writing passionately about living.
(Michael J. Budnicki)

"Either write things that are worth reading or do things that are worth writing about, and if you do both you can't go wrong"  

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. (Saint Augustine)

A writer writes not because he is educated but because he is driven by the need to communicate.
(Leo Rosten)

The art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye is the great invention of the world. (Abraham Lincoln)

"You never quite know what exact arrangement of words that people understand, the intended meaning is not always a guarantee"  (Howard Polley)

Some of the things that I have I learned about writing is that the more you write the more you learn. And one of the things that you learn when you write is that you learn to write better. And when you learn to write better you learn even more. So it’s safe to say, if you never stop writing about what you have learned, about yourself and the world, you will never stop learning. And when you never stop learning, that means that you will become a little smarter each and everyday, you will continually improve things, you will become better at solving problems and you will learn to become an even better person each day. Knowledge and information accumulates into a beautiful system of love and awareness.

Even though I’m a terrible writer, I myself look at writing as an incredible gift. At times writing can be so exhilarating to me that it’s better then any drug that I have ever done. But there were so many times in my life that I wished I had the words for those particular moments, but of course I didn’t.
It was always much later and too late. But as I found the words I realized that all is not lost. I can still say those words and share them by writing them down. For I am certain that those moments in my life will surely repeat themselves in other peoples lives if not my own. So just maybe, someone would be lucky enough to remember what I have written, and not have to walk away from a very important moment, saying, “I wished that I had the right words to say”. To me that is the greatest gift a writer could ever give.   (Howard Polley)

"How do I know what I mean until I see what I say?"

There's a big difference between what you want to say and what you eventually do say.
Remember what you were thinking and share it.

When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

Been there, done that!  Been where?  Done what?

Numinous    Nemophilist    Fernweh     Metanoia     D'erive     Sehnsucht     Gezelligheid


Writing Tips              Literacy Books and Literacy Websites



Cassandra De Pecol, of Washington, Conn., is a young woman who plans to devote the next two years to traveling the world. De Pecol's goal is to visit 196 sovereign nations as an ambassador of the International Institute of Peace through Tourism.
By accomplishing her goal in two year's time, De Pecol, 25, would also set a Guinness world record. Not only would she be the first woman to visit all 196 countries, she would have done it 15 months faster than the present record-holder, Yili Liu of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Cassie De Pecol, 25, is attempting to break a Guiness world record for visiting sovereign nations by visiting each of the 195 sovereign states around the world in less than 3 years. She will be visiting these nations as an ambassador of the International Institute of Peace through Tourism, to raise awareness of the need for world peace. Photographed at her families home on Wednesday, December 24, 2014, in Washington, Conn.



Daniel Norris: Nonconformist and Professional Baseball Pitcher
"I'm actually more comfortable being kind of poor, because not having money maintains my lifestyle and limits the temptation to conform."  
"Gain knowledge. It's valuable."
"Research the things you love."
"Where else can you be as free as by yourself in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of the ocean, or on the peak of a mountain. Adventure is freedom."



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