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Highest mountain on Earth
29,035' part of the Himalaya
range, located on the border
between Nepal & Tibet. 

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Cerro Aconcagua, 22,834'
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American Discovery Trail
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Appalachian Trail    aldha
AT, the nation's longest footpath is 2,175 miles,
spans 14 states and
8 national parks.

Trail Place  White Blaze
AT in 5 Minutes

Scott Jrek breaks-Appalachian Trail thru hike record 2,189 miles in 46 days, 8 hrs and 7min.

Anish Breaks the Appalachian Trail Unsupported Speed Record!
54 days, 7 hours, and 48 minutes averaged about 42 miles a day.

Pacific Crest Trail
2,650 miles from Mexico thru Ca. to Canada.
Read about Goerge Spearings experience on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Great Western Loop is 7,000 miles, an ambitious backpacking route that links together the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Pacific Northwest Trail, Continental Divide Trail (CDT), Grand Enchantment Trail, Arizona Trail, and nearly 700 choose-your-own-adventure miles across the Sonoran and Mojave deserts.

BearSnack's 2015 PCT Thru Hike (youtube)

Continental Divide Trail
Rocky Mountains in Canada thru 5 States
all the way to Mexico

Continental Divide
Trail Society

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Hike Across Canada

Way of St. James
Camino de Santiago Trail

Superior Hiking Trail

North Country Trail
NCT Trail

Sea to Sea Trail

Mountains to Sea Trail

Ice Age Trail

Arizona Trail

Colorado Trail   CD Trail

Cohos Trail

Buckeye Trail

New England Trail

East Coast Greenway Ct.

Intern. Appalachian Trail

Lewis & Clark Trail

Long Trail Vermont

West Virginia Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails Conservancy

Trails From Rails

Coastal Seaside Trails

American Trails

National Trails Day

  Indoor Rock Climbing Tips



Why Climb a Mountain? It’s not just because it’s there, it’s more about having that inner desire to explore. And not just to explore the earths physical aspects, but also to explore and experience one’s personal limits and abilities, a feeling you can’t imitate in everyday living. Then to add to that, being able to overcome some of Mother Nature’s ultimate power is exhilarating, but not just for the achievement and glory, but to show respect for mother earth and to express one’s total admiration for her strength, and that you will always appreciate the opportunity to have experienced, and temporarily overcome, just some of her greatness. And in return we see greatness in ourselves.
(Howard Polley)        Adventure Sayings and Quotes about Adventure       Why?

Why do I Climb? For the Experience, for the Adventure, for the Challenge, for the Knowledge, to Measure Myself, to Teach Others, to Inspire Others. The peak is not the the finish line, it is the beginning. Though the peak is the goal, we know it is not the peak of our life. And the moments that define us are not about our accomplishments, but it's how we live our life in between our moments of accomplishments. bragging about what you did does not define you. 

Two weeks in the mountains can change your blood for months
AltitudeOmics: the integrative physiology of human acclimatization to hypobaric hypoxia and its retention upon reascent. Even short exposures to high elevation can unleash a complex cascade of changes within red blood cells that make it easier for them to cope with low-oxygen conditions. What’s more, these changes persist for weeks and possibly months, even after descending to lower elevations. That finding may be a boon for medical researchers and also for hikers, skiers, and distance runners who don’t have time for extended altitude training.


Movies about Climbing

The Beckoning Silence (youtube)                        Touching The Void (youtube)    

K2 (youtube)  K2 Documentary Film                    Vertical Limit (2000) (youtube)

High Altitude Climbing on Lunag Ri: David Lama | POV Highlights (youtube)



Mammut Making Of Key Visual Matterhorn 2015 (youtube)

1st international Highline Weekend in Ostrov 2010 (youtube)

Yosemite Free-Climbers Reach Top of El Capitan (youtube)

Wasfia Nazreen Climbed The Highest Mountains On Every Continent For A Powerful Reason

Adam Ondra born February 5, 1993 in Brno, is a Czech rock climber. He also participates in sport climbing and bouldering competitions. Took eight days to finish the free-climb up the Dawn Wall of the famed El Capitan in California's Yosemite National Park at 3,000 feet.  (5' 11" Weight: 150 lbs.)

In 2013, for the first time, all 50 state park systems sponsored First Day hikes.
First Day Hikes began more than 20 years ago in Massachusetts.

Explorers News      Climbing News      Extreme Sports News

4 tons of garbage collected in China's Everest cleanup
The nine-day cleanup that began in 2016 targets climbing trails and campsites between 5,200
and 6,500 meters (17,000 and 21,300 feet). Each year, about 60,000 climbers and guides visit the Chinese north side of the mountain, which China refers to by its Tibetan name, Mount Qomolangma.
On the Nepalese side, mountaineering expedition organizers have begun sending huge trash bags with climbers during the spring climbing season to collect trash that then can be winched by helicopters back to the base camp.

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”  Steven Wright     Walking Stories


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