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Software Upgrades  /  Hardware Upgrades  
Network / Wireless / Printers / P
eripherals / Electronic Devices
Diagnostic  /  PC Repair 
E-Mail Setup / Address Backup / Data Backup / Data Transfer
Install New Operating System / New Hard Drive / DVD or CD
Spyware Removal  /  Security Protection
Virus Protection / Computer Errors / Slow Computer
Home Office Setup
Wireless Network / Router Setup / TV / Webcams / Cameras

Pricing / Questions
203.798.0308  Cell: 203.788.2471  (8am-5pm










  Fix your PC Remotely and Teach you at the Same Time  /  Remote Work


  Computer Information  /  PC Problem Solving

Warning: When visiting other websites be very careful what you click on because some software downloads are very dangerous to your computer, so be absolutely sure what you are downloading. Read the .exe file name. Google for more info or to verify '.exe' executable files
It's a good idea to always get a second opinion on what software you might need.

Computer Quick Fix Tips: Make sure that your Computer System Restore is on. This can sometimes be used to fix a bad computer virus or malfunction. It's a good idea to do a System Restore and a Virus Scan in the Safe Mode (During Computer Restart hit the F8 Key and then follow the instructions) (F2 is Setup and F12 is the Boot Menu)
Warning: System Restore that is found under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools is not the same as PC Restore, Factory Settings or Image Restore, which will delete all your personal files and software from the PC. If you don't have OS Setup Disk that came with your PC then sometimes the PC will have a Factory Settings copy installed. This you need to do while your PC is rebooting. Press ' Ctrl '  then press F11 and then release both at the same time.
You should see something like Symantec Ghost where you will be prompted to reinstall Factory Settings. This will delete all your personal files and software from the PC so please back up first.

Always Have your Operating System Restore Disk or Recovery Disc handy because not all computer problems can be fixed. You also need your Drivers and Applications Disks too.
Always backup your most important computer files because reinstalling the operating system will clear your data:
Kingston DataTraveler 200 - 128 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DT200/128GB (Black)
Western Digital 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

It's good to have these free programs to help keep your computer safe:
Lava Soft Ad-Ware - Spybot Search & Destroy - CCleaner - Malwarebytes
Hijack This - Spyware Blaster has the software above but be very careful not to click on the wrong download item. Please Verify the correct ".exe file."

Free Virus Protection        Internet Browsers        Internet Safety Info      Internet Connections



  Operating Systems  /  Advanced Computer Applications  /  Computer Tools

Operating Systems (wiki)

Red Hat Linux   Linux




General Public License

Free Software Foundation

Hadoop Apache

Open Mind

Cell Phone Apps

Free Software Info

Open-Source Electronics
Mmassimo Banzi (video)
Arduino 3D Printer (youtube)

3D Printing (film)
3D Printing (video)
3D Printing (wiki)
3D Scanner (wiki)

Mcor Technologies
Plastic Filament Maker
Print your own Medicine (video)
3D Micro Printer


Computer Memory (amazon)
Internal Hard Drives (amazon)

Laptop Computers (amazon)
Desktop Computers (amazon)

Open Source Communications



Open-source Software

Open Source Software

Open Source Initiative

Open Source (wiki)

Hacker Spaces

Top Coder

Open Source

Open Office Suite

Free BSD


Freeware Files

Virtual PC


Open Source Hardware
Digital Habits

Mega Proxy

Quantum Computer

Blackstone Discovery

Optical Character Recognition


Content Strategy

Ob Long

Web 2.0

Science  /  Ideas

Computer Movies

The Machine that Changed
the World

Computer History
Charles Babbage (wiki)
Difference Engine (youtube)
Difference Engine (wiki)
Analytical Engine (wiki)

HyperLand (youtube)
The Virtual Revolution (youtube)
Internet Rising (youtube)
The Code - Linux (film)
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (vimeo)

Kids Growing Up Online (PBS)

Computer Knowledge

Internet Knowledge

Flash Drive Knowledge


Data Recovery Software



Software Geek

Home Plug


Bit Torrent Protocol (wiki)
Lime Wire P2P
Send Large Files
Zip Files
Stuffit File Compression

Stuxnet Malware
Storm Botnet
Botnet (wiki)

Protecting The Internet








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