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First, when planning an Ocean Cruise it's a good idea to choose the right Cruise Ship that fits your style of travel. Princess Cruises are more kid-friendly, Carnival Cruises are more activity oriented, Norwegian Cruises are more casual, Holland America's are more geared toward baby boomers and Crystal & Regent cruises are more upscale. Second, buy your cruise early to save money and don't forget to
factor in your flight, drinks or food to the entire cost. Third, pick the right cabin size and location.
Forth, book your ship activities before they fill up. One way cruises can save money too.
Also try Adults only cruises.  

Best Activities Cruise Ship " Carnival Pride "
Largest Sailing Ship " The Royal Clipper "
Fastest Cruise Ship " Olympia Voyager or Grand Voyager "
Best Service Cruise Ship " Crystal Symphony "
Masted Sail Yachts  " Windjammer or Windstar's "
Every Room has a Balcony Cruise Ship " Radisson Mariner "

Largest Cruise Ship " The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas "
$2.5 billion, 225,000-ton vessel has 16 passenger decks with 2,700 cabins
accommodating 6,300 passengers and 3,000 crew. 1,200 ft. long and
has an open-air arena the size of a football field and a 750-seat theater.
2nd Largest Cruise Ship " The Queen Mary 2 " Cunard Cruise Lines

The Super Tanker Knock Nevis is the biggest vessel on earth, at a quarter-mile long,
nearly twice the size of the Titanic and longer than the Empire State Building is tall.




Bus Charter Service
Deluxe Motor Coach, School Bus, Mini Coach, Double Decker Trolley, Entertainer Sleeper




The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship Highlights Video



A cruise ship produces 21,000 pounds of sewage every day. For a 3,000-passenger ship, thatís seven pounds of sewage per person daily. In comparison, a hotel typically
generates 200 gallons, or 1.7 pounds, of sewage per room.

For every passenger mile, a cruise ship emits three times the greenhouses gases of a
Boeing 747.

A cruise ship burns at least three-fourths of its waste at sea. That generates ash, a
pollutant that ends up in the ocean.

More than half of cruise-goers are Americans. The United Kingdom and Ireland come in
second (8.1 percent), followed by Germany (7.7 percent) and Italy (4 percent)

Diarrhea outbreaks have affected 14 cruise ships every year.

Carnival Cruise Lines gets plenty of support from the government: The coast guard keeps the water safe for its ships, custom officers allow them to dock on foreign coasts, and roads and bridges are built to get passengers on board. The best perk of all might be a tax code loophole that lets the corporation avoid most taxes, according to The New York Times. Between 2006 and 2011, Carnival paid only 1.1 percent of its $11.3 billion cumulative profits in federal, state, local, and foreign corporate taxes.





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