Video sample of a College Sports Recruitment Talent Video for Coaches to get a College Sports Scholarship
Show your Athletic Achievements & Academic Achievements as well as your Strengths, Awards, Accomplishments & Goals

This sample above is from only 2 video sessions (2 Games) and not a compilation from a years highlights.
Sports Recruitment video can be done with music, no music or a voice over, which is your choice.

From my experience a Sports Recruitment Video is only a Good Compliment.
Good Stats, Achievements, Recommendations and Athletic Potential Speaks Volumes.
Speed in the 50 Yard Dash (Improvements), Time to Run 5 Miles, Bench Press Max Weight on 5 Reps, Arm Strength Speed,
Height, Weight (Changes in one year), Injuries (How Many), Stats, Years Played, Minutes Played Per Game, Eyes (20/20),
School Grades, Courses Completed, Other Abilities and other Sports Played Competitively.

You don't need a professional Videographer like myself in order to get a good video.
Just try to be at as many of your Childs games as possible and try to get as much video footage as you can.
You can also find a local student or friend who can help film your athlete for a lot less then I would.
And you don't have to use actual game footage either.
Video Tapping Practice Drills with other teammates can also help demonstrate your skills and talents.
You can use any of theses small camera's that shoot HD video and stills.
Then you can edit the best scenes using simple editing tools found online.
Then I suggest uploading a sample video to YouTube that can be shared by e-mailing the link to College Coaches.
Make the video short and have your student athlete speak on film to give it a personal touch.

Remember: Always get good References from Coaches, Players and Fans.
Just like Talent Scouts
, good recommendations can produce confidence in a Coaches decision.

Also Seek out information about Sports Scholarships and Learn what Recruitment Tips are Valuable.


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