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Civilian airlines carry around 3 billion passengers a year.

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Standard Carry on Luggage Size
22” X 14” X 9” for a total of 45") 40lb. limit, But even still, if it doesn't fit in the overhead or under the seat, it will have to be checked in. So know your planes limitations on all your flights
Always buy camping fuel at a department store when your plane lands.
"Never fly with fuel in your bag"    

Packing Light Tips
Packing Light Tips for Traveling

Nod Travel Pillow & Pod Travel Blanket by Zdoze Patent-pending sleep solution which provides amazing sleep while traveling.
Orbitkey 2.0 - Carry Your Keys Better

Travel Check List

You should be able to pack most of your important small gear into a Nice Day Pack or a Smart Connected Carry On or Unbound Versatile Travel Bags. Then the only bag you need to check in for flying is a X-Large Rolling Duffel Bag for the tent, sleeping bag and other large gear depending on your adventure. Bring some Cargo Straps in case you need to strap bags to the roof of your sport utility that you're renting or using.

New Luggage Designs
Trunkster - Intelligent Zipperless Luggage
Shelf Pack
Barracuda: Collapsible Luggage + Built-in Laptop Tray + GPS + Proximity Sensor + USB Charger
The World's First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag
The Modern Day Briefcase
Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack
Rise Gear packing and unpacking made easy
Unbound Versatile Travel Bags
PRVKE 21 - The Bag For Everyday Carry & Cameras A stylish bag designed with the photographer and traveler in mind. Built to be your daily workhorse.
The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

The NOMATIC Travel Bag The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!

Luggage you can't break into
AirBolt: The Truly Smart Travel Lock

World's Best TRAVEL JACKET with 15 Features-BauBax
Smart Parka-The World's First Complete Winter Coat
FreeBelt - Wear Belts without the annoying Buckles
HICKIES Shoelaces

Folding Clothes - Packing a Suitcase
How to Pack Clothes for Traveling (youtube)
How to fold a shirt for packing so it doesn't wrinkle (youtube)
Hold to Fold T-Shirts (youtube)
How to Fit a Full Outfit Into Your Socks (youtube) 
Backpacking Adjustment Tips

Lost Luggage
First notify the Airlines at the airport about your lost luggage. Then if you changed flights or Airlines during your flying, definitely and immediately call the airlines that placed the tracking ticket on your bag because they will have an easier time locating your luggage. 
Bag Tags
Unclaimed Baggage


Buying Airline Tickets
It's best to compare as many specials as you can before you buy. Be very aware of hidden costs because there might be taxes and other fees not previously disclosed in the original price.
Be Very Careful of Travel Scams and Fraudulent Travel Deals     Airflight Specials
Now that most airlines are charging you extra for a lot of things it might be a good idea to ship your bags. Also read the contracts of any travel disclosures about protecting yourself and your belongings. Also be sure to check your airlines refund policy (contract of carriage) and and know your rights on flight changes, bumps, delays and cancellations.
(If you are bumped from your original scheduled flight Airlines must first ask for volunteers and then pay passengers who are bumped against their will, usually up to $400 cash on domestic flights if you are forced to reschedule and reach your destination between one and two hours of the original arrival time, price could double to $800 if it takes longer then 2 hours. it's better to take cash instead of a voucher because of the limitations with vouchers. Always be
polite with Airlines personal when bargaining).
Sign up for airline "alerts" for quick notification of delays or cancellations. Know before your flight what other airlines are flying to your destination so incase of cancellations you can call them or ask gate agents for availability then go directly to their terminal.

Try to buy your plane tickets 2 to 4 months in advanced. Much sooner if you are flying during a holiday peak season. Sometimes buying your ticket less then 21 days before you fly may save money but not that often. Early morning departures & arrivals are less likely to have delays. For best prices search for tickets on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday Morning or a Monday (after midnight or 5pm) and try to fly on a Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If not flying directly non-stop, always check pricing on connecting flights from other cities and alternate airports near your desired airport for better deals. Being flexible can save. Don't forget to look at first-class seating for specials. Always check directly with an airline or hotel too for special prices and extras. Airlines & hotels usually have weekly deals so signing up for e-mail alerts on their website for price breaks is a good idea too. Traveling off season can save money too: (Europe Nov. 1st - March 15th)  (Caribbean Sept. 1st - Dec. 15th)  (South America, Australia, New Zealand May 1st - October)
Faster Security Screening Tips:
All liquids, gels & aerosols are under 3 ounces or pack your liquids in your checked bags. Choose pants that don’t require a belt so before you reach the check point empty your pockets and place your watch, keys, cell phone, belt and loose change in your carry-on. Wear easily removable footwear such as flip-flops or slip-ons or loosely lace your shoes for easy removal. Travel with just a carry-on or ship your luggage to your destination. Before heading to your airport, check the
TSA’s Website for each checkpoint’s average wait time. Security Measures & Banned items

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The International Air Transport Association predicted that there will be 3.3 billion air travelers worldwide by 2014, up nearly one-third from 2009.
U.S. airlines will carry 1 billion passengers a year by 2021





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