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January (Carnation)

February (Violet)


Back of Card sample

 Carnation (Annual) Family: Caryophyllaceae Birth flower of January.The Snowdrop is also another birth flower of January. The Carnation is the State flower of Ohio & the National Flowers of these Countries: Balearic Islands,..........

June 17, 2007  (Card 1 of 12)

Howard Polley Photography  Custom Photo Greeting Cards  Danbury, Ct. 2-

Flower stationary is blank inside so the cards
can be used for any occasion.

Information about each flower on the back of every card along with it's symbol, meaning, birth flower
& the birthstone name of the same month.

have glossy finish & are suitable for framing.
 ( 6.7 x 4.75 when folded)

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March (Daffodil)

April (Daisy)


Buy all 16 Unique Cards in a Gift Box and Save

View Flower Cards Close up in Slide Show      Flower Cards Screen Saver Wall Paper

Envelopes are a little larger then the card, so the cards go in easy and come out easy.
Printed with a glossy finish on the outside and matte finish on the inside

Cards are also Great for Resellers, Mothers Day Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Door Gifts,
Door Prizes and Fund Raisers.

All Flowers are Original Photographic Works by Photographer Howard Polley


May (Lily of the Valley)

June (Rose)


July (Water Lily)

August (Poppy)


 September (Aster)

October (Marigold)


November (Chrysanthemum)

December (Poinsettia)


4 bonus non-birth flower cards

Orange Daylily





Price List:
Gift Box Set of all 16 cards with Envelopes
 (Free Shipping & Tax included in U.S. only)

1-5 Gift Boxes

........$8.00 each

6-20 Gift Boxes

........$5.50 each

21 plus Gift Boxes

........$2.50 each

Retail Value of Gift Box with 16 Cards averages $15.00

Single Card with envelope of any of the 16 flower cards:
(Free Shipping & Tax included in U.S. only)
Single Card with Envelope in Clear Bag

1-10 cards

........$3.00 each

11-30 cards

........$2.00 each

31-50 cards

........$1.50 each

50-100 cards

........$1.00 each

100 plus cards

........$.50 each

I will prorate previous orders so you don't have to buy them all at once.


To Purchase Cards

Buy Now

Phone orders please call 203.798.0308 or e-mail

Pay by Credit Card using Pay-Pal ( Pay-Pal Address: )
or Mail Checks or Money Orders to the Address Below.

Please Send a Check or Money Order to
Howard Polley
126 Triangle St.  #B-45
Danbury, Ct. 06810
(Make check payable to Howard Polley)


To place special orders or to inquire for more info please contact Howie:

Click here to Request Price Quotes for Larger Orders for Retail or Personal
(Cards will have UPC code on back)

Card Photos can also be Purchased as a Photographic Print, Framed or just Print
If framing just the Flower Note Card then a 4.5" x 6.5" Mat is good

    13x11 Frame w/ 7x5 photo for $45.00

17x14 Frame w/ 8x10 photo for $65.00

For prices on different sizes or prices on making and designing your own
Greeting Cards from your photos or ours

Contact Howie for special sizes or individual photo purchases


Instructions on How to Print a Personal Greeting on inside
 of Howie's Flower Note Cards using Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word, click on File, then click on Page Setup.
Then Click on Margins Tab
Then put in
6.0" for Top Margin Note: if printing on the top half then top margin will be 0.5"
Then put in
0.5" for Bottom Margin
Then put in
0.5" for Right Margin
Then put in
0.5" for Left Margin
0" in gutter, header and footer.
Now Click on
Paper Size Tab, then click on Custom Size in drop down menu.
Now put
Width as 6.7" and Height as 9.5" with page orientation as portrait.
Now type in Personal Greeting and center text from left to right & top to bottom if needed.
Choose the color and type of font style that you would like to use.
You may have to attach a piece of paper to cover the flower photo because some
printers can scuff the outside of the flower card.

Some printers are different so experiment with a blank piece of paper first that is cut
to the same size as the flower note card (
6.7" x 9.5" )
and mark the side and end that will have the main flower photo.
Place Flower Note card with Front Flower Photo facing down with inside white area facing you.
Click Print, then check for accuracy and location of personal greeting.
Now save document as Flower Note Card Inside for future printing.


The Power of Smell

Make Potpourri Dried Flowers      Yankee Scents      Potpourri (wiki)   Odor (wiki)    Aroma

Scented Products      Scented Oils     The Scent Wizard     Fragrance Shop     Aromatherapy

Send Postagram Postcards from your iPhone or Android       

The Power of  Scent           Pheromone (wiki)     Tristram Wyatt: Human Pheromone (video) 

Smell Disorders   Parosmia     How your Sense of Taste and Sense of Smell are Connected

Lavender can help you relax.  Pine can help you feel less stress.
Fresh-cut grass
can elevate your mood.  Vanilla can elevate your mood.

Jasmine may ease depression.
can sharpen your mind.  Peppermint may boost concentration.
can help you feel more energized.  Pumpkin can serve as an aphrodisiac.
may mitigate a migraine.

Olive oil can satisfy your appetite.

"The human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odours."   Olfactory System



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