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Fruit Smoothies are also called Fruitshakes, Veggie and Fruit Shake, Vegetable Juicing, Power Smoothies or Frozen Fruit Smoothies. This is one of the healthiest meals that you can have in less then 10 minutes. Raw Fruits and Vegetables are filled with Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes and Micronutrients that help boost your Metabolism and suppress hunger. Another great benefit from Homemade Fruit Smoothies is that the liquid juice does not need to be broken down, so Nutrition is easily absorbed into the body and into the bloodstream. And you also donít have to waste energy chewing and digesting your food either. Mixed Fruit, Vegetable and Berry smoothies are also a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables and fruits. Every home should have a Juice Bar.

Fruits and Vegetables in Blender Photo
Always add some water or juice before blending

A Fruit Smoothie is not the same as Juicing.
A Juice Extractor
or Juicing Machine produces a more concentrated juice but uses more fruits and vegetables then a blender would. Juicing also produces more waste, even though the leftover pulp from juicing can be used in other recipes. The nice thing about using a blender instead of a juicer is that you eat the juice and the pulp together so nothing is wasted. And the clean up from a blender is also easier then a juicer.

Another great thing about Fruit Smoothies is that you can use any combination of whole fruits and vegetables that
you like. You can also use certain fruits and vegetables
for a particular diet or for a particular nutritional need.
You can also add extra vitamins, protein mix, soy,
yogurt, frozen mixed berries, frozen mixed vegetables, Wheat Germ or Herbs if you want.
Understanding Food Synergy is also important when combining foods and nutrients. It's also nice to sample each individual fruit and veggie as you make your smoothie.


When buying your fruits and vegetables for blending always buy fruits and vegetables that are in season to ensure optimal taste and nutrition. Also try to buy them on sale. Itís good to buy from local farmers markets and to buy organic especially when trying to avoid fruits and vegetables that use a lot of Pesticides. There is a great list of foods to be aware of at Food They point out which fruits and vegetables are high in pesticides and which are low in pesticides. Organically Grown Food Pesticides.

Fruit and Veggie Smoothie PhotoHomemade Fruit Smoothies are not expensive as long as you buy your fruits and vegetables on sale.
A homemade 16-ounce fruit smoothie costs around a $1.00. So if your are a penny pinching person and you want to save money and stretch the dollar, or if you are on food stamps, SNAP or food assistance and use a Food Bank, then Homemade Fruit Smoothies are for you. So you save money without sacrificing quality, health or taste.
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Buy your fresh vegetables and fruit around once or twice each week, You can also buy canned or frozen varieties if you need too.
Organic Food Links

Remember to always wash your fruits and vegetables before Eating or Blending.

In order to Blend your Fruits and Vegetables properly you have to add a little water or juice to the blender.
You can use orange juice, coconut water, soy milk or apple juice instead of just plain water.
Add a few ice cubes or crushed ice in the blender to make a Chilled or Frozen Smoothie or Slushy.


Cooking Healthy on a Budget with Jane shows you how easy it is to make a Fruit Smoothie


It would be great to see Fruit Smoothies being made at Farmers Markets.
People could use some of the same Fruits, Vegetables and Berries that they have just purchased.
I would do the chopping and the blending and then I would serve the smoothie in a 16oz Biodegradable Clear Plastic Cup with Screen Printed Logo or a 16oz Glass with a Nice Logo so that people can take the smoothie home and have a glass to reuse over and over.    Health Documentaries
And when people bring there own beverage holder or the same glass they will pay less for the Smoothie. This will also cut down on waste and garbage. And of course the leftovers from the fruit and vegetable chippings that help make the smoothies will be composted and given back to the farmers.
A Healthy and Logical Cycle of Life. 
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  Healthy Foods & Super Foods   * Indicates Multiple Pesticides Used So Please Buy Organic

Strawberries  *
Blueberries *
Cherries *

Red Grapes
Soy Beans

Super Grains

Wild Salmon

Apples *

Celery *
Vitamins & Minerals


Olive Oil
Dark Chocolate Fearless

Low Fat Yogurt

Angiogenesis Inhibitors


Fruit Smoothie Business           Jamba Juice


Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008
Low RPM juicers preserve nutrient value as there is less heat, friction, and oxidation.
This type of juicer is easy to clean and will juice wheatgrass and leafy greens with excellent efficiency 






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The World Health Organization (WHO), said that Cardiovascular Diseases are the World's Largest Killers, claiming 17.1 Million Lives a year. Billions of dollars are spent every year on medical devices and drugs to treat them.



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