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' Where the Spirit of Adventure Never Dies '

Every page on this website is a journey. Journey's that I have taken through the world,
journeys that I have taken through the Internet, and journey's that I have taken through the Human Mind.

In 1999, because of my love for traveling and adventure, this website mainly started out as an adventure travel and recreation resource. As time went on I increased my knowledge of photography, video and web design. So my website, that started as one page, really started to grow and expand. I then realized that this was just the beginning and that I was about to embark on one of my greatest adventures ever, building and maintaining an enormous information and knowledge resource on the internet. As I unknowingly evolved into a Human Search Engine, my adventure, travel, sports and photography website expanded tremendously. I began to find more and more incredible stuff on the internet. Then in 2008, I was also finding a lot of information that was related to education.
So naturally I started to organized
everything that I found on education as well as adventure. Then the Epiphany. I realized that almost everything in our lives is in someway connected to our education. But not the type of education we experience in our schools, but the type of education that comes from information and knowledge that we acquire from our experiences. With one of those experiences being the Internet. The internet is like the most amazing hiking trail that you ever walked on. But not everyone is on the same internet trail or seeing the same things. So of course I documented my journey. This way people can see what I have learned, and at the same time experience a very unique way of surfing the internet. 1,000's hand picked websites, 1,000's of photos, 100's of unique videos, recommended products, as well as travel tips, photography tips, jobs, schools, racing, education and a lot more. This website has become an incredible resource and a favorite among internet surfers, adventure enthusiasts and information seekers. I just don't travel the world, I also travel the World Wide Web so that visitors will always find something new, informative, extraordinary, interesting, incredible, unexpected, amazing, surprising, bizarre, out of the ordinary, remarkable and phenomenal. I'm like your best friend who's constantly surfing the Internet to find all the cool stuff, and then saving it and organizing it so that it can be easily shared and enjoyed. And now that I created another website, that was inspired by my adventures and my thirst for knowledge, I can now offer everyone the full spectrum of life, Adventure, knowledge and information. So now you not only explore the awesome potential of your physical abilities, you also explore the amazing potential of your mind. The possibilities are endless, and discovering the true power of the Internet is just the beginning. Our greatest adventure is just beginning.

" It's like "The Six Degrees of Adventure" It's just incredibly amazing how many things there are that are in some way
 connected to Adventure. It never ends..."

Looking for Anthem: Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild 1969 (youtube)
Get your motor runnin', Head out on the highway, Lookin' for adventure, And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen, Take the world in a love embrace,
Like a true nature's child, We were born, born to be wild.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy (youtube)    Crazy Wisdom

Looking for, where Endorphins, Serotonin, Euphoria and Adrenaline are an everyday occurrence.

"Peak Experiences are just the beginning."

"Where Going with the Flow takes on a whole new meaning."

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" I am a Human Search Engine "

An Internet Miner Exploring the World Wide Web
Extracting the best
Information and Websites that the Internet and the world has to offer.
An Information Architect Filtering and Organizing the Internet One Website at a time.

We are a Natural Search Engine with Organic Search Results.
100% All Natural Links and we're still criminally victimized and penalized, disavow that.   Backlinks
If it wasn't relevant it wouldn't be here, that includes all our advertisers, except for the Google adds on the left side bar.
Criticism of Google (wiki)
 another corporation gone bad, so sad.

"This website was been copied 100% and mirrored on a different domains using a special program that clones the entire website.
So the website traffic can never be accurately calculated. So this website could have millions of website visitors a day.
Does it matter? Should I waste time trying to stop it? Does it help unblock censored websites in other countries?"


What is a Human Search Engine? (Besides something that Google Hates)




Some of the things I would like to do in the future...


Purchase a Biodiesel Class A Motor Home.  (Call it my Mobile Earth Ship or Green Machine)   Bio-Bus

Reason 1: Travel to every state and town in America to locate and document all the cools things that you can do, what Activities there are to enjoy, and what incredible things there are to See and experience that are Historical, Scenic or just Educational.

Reason 2: Teach people about the importance of physical activities and exercise by showing them all the different ways to be active.

Reason 3: To travel the country and educate people about Sustainable Living, Green Building Ideas, Farming and all the other great ways to get knowledgeable about the world so that everyone can live a healthy and happy life that is Self-Reliant.

With broadband, satellite, cell phones and Wi-Fi, I will always be in contact with everyone and also be able to update my websites so that everyone can be up to date on the latest news and adventures.

Purchase a flex-fuel diesel/gasoline plug-in electric vehicle to tow behind RV.   Electric Cars Information
Use the car to make short trips and not have to drive the RV. Will also have Bicycles.
I will also use my photography and video skills to show people images and videos of our beautiful world while educating them about our environment. So I will also be a mobile photography studio with video editing and printing capabilities. 
Be a Park Host

Buy Land all over the World to Preserve and Protect that would also act as Time-Shares and Farming Schools.
This would help bring awareness to the importance of protecting our parks and open spaces. Land Conservation Websites
Buying land will also provide places to park the RV and I would also be able to share it with others when not occupied. On each piece of land I would like to start Forest Gardens to provide food and also teach people about Sustainable Farming and Living.

Design a laptop computer and install as much educational material it can handle and then distribute them all around the world to people who are in need of education and who want to teach others
. Each laptop will have a solar charger, wireless Internet capabilities, Webcam, Headphones, external hard drive to store, share and back up material, and an external CD and DVD-RW drive if the PC does not have one built in. Each laptop will also have a built in flash drive so that it can also act like a digital book reader. Each PC will also have a Virtual Animated Teacher that will guide the student through all the subjects and computer programs. Each laptop would also have video and audio instructions on how to use the laptop. Each laptop will have the ability to change languages, teach languages and translate languages so that most people around the world would be able to use the laptops in almost any language.  
My Laptop Idea  /  Basic Knowledge 101 Education Database

I would also like to open up colleges that are free for everyone. The Free Colleges will only teach courses and skills for jobs that are ready to be filled. And only the jobs and careers that make a positive difference in society. The free colleges will also teach courses and skills that can be applied to almost any career that you choose so that you don't waste time learning skills and knowledge that you will never use.  Education Options     Make a Living by Making a Difference

"I want to be like the Johnny Apple Seed of Knowledge, planting knowledge trees all around the world, providing food for thought for all people to enjoy, now and for future generations."   Food for Thought: Anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking.
Food For Thought     Food for Thought Restaurant

Start Micro Lending Bank and or Support other Micro Lending Banks.   Micro Credit

Since I have been Non-Profit company for years now, I guess it's time to officially become a Non-profit Organization


This endless adventure will have some similarities to the documentary called Go Further with Woody Harrelson,  (Voice Yourself)
The Veggie Van guy is another example. He just came out with a great documentary called Fuel
. And I'm sure I will never be as famous as the Winnebago Man, but I can definitely relate to Jack Rebney, life can be freaking frustrating at times. 
Another reason why RV's are so useful is that you can move where the jobs are and not have to worry about finding a place to live when moving. RVís also use less water and energy to live in as long as you use Solar Power, Small Wind Turbines, and Fuel Cells. You can also use waste and garbage to make compost for gardens. 
RV Websites




Donations - Contributions - Sponsors - Investors

Publicly Owned  /  Non-Profit

Mail Checks or Money Orders to:
Howard Polley 
126 Triangle St.  #B-45, 
Danbury, Connecticut  06810
Make Checks Payable to "Howard Polley"


Mission Statement: To continually Maintain, Manage, Organize and Update my Knowledge Base and Education Resources.
I promise
to share all the knowledge and information that I find that will help improve education as well as make education available to as many people as possible.
I will also Continue my
Adventure Travel, Sports and Recreation Database and share all my knowledge and experiences on Traveling, Adventure and Photography.  

What I Do Everyday....
I simultaneously do several things at once...
I update my Knowledge Databases several times a day.
I manage and update my adventure and sports website everyday or several times a week.
I also write about several topics for educational purposes and write about ways to improve education.
I help Advertisers add their services to my websites.
I search the internet for useful and informative information and knowledge that I can add to my websites.
I watch documentaries to educate myself and to find informative movies to add to my websites.
I read books, magazines and news papers to find informative information and knowledge that I can add to my databases.
I study photography and take photos and videos to add to my websites.
I spend time thinking about information and knowledge and how it relates to other information and knowledge and how I can use information and knowledge to solve problems.

Why? I'm creating information and Knowledge Base Resources for research, education, problem solving, training and other public services. Information and knowledge databases can also be used to create Information Stations and information centers that would help people have easy access to information when they need it.

The key is to present information and knowledge into easy to navigate levels using symbols and text.

The goal is to fit the most important knowledge and information into a Laptop Computer that will also have the capabilities to retrieve extra knowledge and information provided from the internet.

Information and knowledge should also be available in several formats so that dependence on technology is not necessary.

Education Mission
I'm in the process of creating a complete high quality education curriculum that will be installed on flashdrives and computers so that any child or adult can educate themselves and educate others. So any smartphone or computer can be used as a teaching tool. This way more people can learn any where they are, learn anything they want, and learn as much as they want, and learn as fast as they want. This will not only improve education, this will also transform the world into a more educated one where every person will have the potential to improve their lives and improve the lives of others.   Educational Leadership

If someone asks me "what do you do?" I say I'm an Educational Specialist / Knowledge Manager   
My Research can be found on Basic Knowledge 101




The moment I learned how to travel, which was 3 years old, I road my tricycle a mile from my house to explore a stream. My Mom drove past this stream when I saw it from the car window the day before, I just had to go back and explore it. My wanderlust and adventurous spirit has always been with me. I have always had a strong desire to explore and discover new places. I guess you can say that I was born looking for Adventure. This world has always been fascinating to me, and I see no end to this passion. And here on this website I share this passion. All that I have learned from my experiences, and all the amazing people that I have met along the way, have shaped my life in ways that I could have never imagined. The next big adventure is always around the corner. 
- Howard Polley  

Social Entrepreneur  -  Social Innovator

When I was young I was a dopey little kid in my own world. But other times, I was out of control and really adventurous. Willing to experience life without worrying about any of the consequences. I wouldn't say that I was brave or without fear, but I was definitely lacking key knowledge and information about myself, and my world. So I ask, having the knowledge and information that I have now, would I still do the same things that I did as a stupid kid looking for fun? Hell yah! I mean not every single thing, and definitely not every single thing in the exact same way, but I would still be adventurous, but now I would be adventurous with a brain, which would make the adventures even more incredible, because now I will remember even more about the experience, because now I'm even more aware then ever before. Knowledge is a big part of the adventure.

All the work I have done on this website since 1999 has been pro bono and all the money earned has been put back into the website to keep it going and growing. People ask me why do I volunteer so much time, money and effort into a project that does not generate a lot of money? My answer is I seem to be more focused on Making a Difference then Making Money. Besides you can't measure success or importance by using money as your only gauge. You have to look at the long term and be able to see and understand all the benefits and possibilities. We have all seen to many times throughout history that if a project focused more on just making money it always gets exploited and ends up creating more harm then good. Then instead of being a service a project ends up becoming a disservice. Money is not my drive nor should it be for anyone. I am incredibly lucky to have not been distracted or disillusioned by money. But ridding myself of those vulnerabilities have just been realized as of 2010, and I'm almost 50. So this is one of the reasons why I have taken on the subject of education and why I'm building one of the biggest major information hubs for
Education. There's no reason for any human to suffer at the hands of ignorance, absolutely none. 

We have created a lot of information and knowledge in the last 2000 years. We have answers to most of our important questions. So now is the time to bring it all together. We need to organize and categorize our most important information and knowledge and make it available to as many people as possible. We can then create an educated world that is functional instead of a world that is dysfunctional and struggling. The work that I have done on Basic Knowledge 101 is just the beginning. Combining Contextual Linking and Taxonomy Techniques will help disseminate knowledge easier with better understanding.
And when we create testing methods that encourage learning we will finally understand what education really means.
Improving our education system will help improve our lives as well as our planet. Most People do not fully understand the incredible abilities that knowledge gives us. So Education needs our full attention if we are to succeed.

Communicating through this tiny little digital window still amazes me.

Looking for helping people find adventure since 1999

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