Howard Polley  (Howie Polley)

Some of my Nicknames:

How, Howitzer, Word,  Howie Lujah, Pollywog, Righteous Dude, Howie Kapowie, Howiedoin, Howiewood, Howweird
 When I was a boxer my boxing name was Muhammad Howie. When you switch the letter A with R you get HowRad.
My future Buddhist name has been divined to be:  Dharma Teacher Jeweled Feet.   ( Dharma   /   Rta   /   Buddhist Philosophy )

The Jobs I do Fulltime...some make money and some don't...Mostly Humanitarian Work
 Human Search EngineKnowledge Base OrganizerBasic Knowledge 101 EducatorHome Organized Personal Education,
Research Specialist, Virtual Assistant,  Web SurferWriterPhotographer,  Videographer,  Website Developer, Owner, Curator and Inventor of Looking for - Adventure Travel, Sports and Recreation Database.

I Disseminate Knowledge over the Internet so that it can be shared.
Contributing Information to the Collective to be Assimilated.  But not like the Borg

These are the Fruits of my Labor and they are always in season, enjoy.

I'm Gonna Give All My Secrets Away   because   This Could Really be a Good Life

My Complete Work History and Income from 1977 to Present 

Two people who kind of look like me

Chad Smith - Will Farrel - Howie Polley

My Travel Writing Profile  

My first book
Little Things to Remember
(Note: I'm in the process of redoing the entire book it will be More of a "Human Tools and Tips Manual" so don't buy it just yet)

Some of my Lame Poetry

      A Short Film of Howie at Disney World

If I had a Wiki Page



Howie Polley Name Meaning
"How" is in what way or by what means. "ie" is to say in other words.
"Pol" is a person active in politics. "ley" is a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock.
Translation: A way to use words in social relations to support and promote.

The name "Howard" is an old Germanic name meaning 'Heart Protector'
a peaceful man,  kind to all things of Gods creation, unselfish, he will share his wisdom with all, thinks always of others.
"Any way that's what I read on a key chain that I bought at a gas station"

There is not one word that describes me. Not even a book or a biography could ever fully describe me.
I'm constantly learning and growing thus I'm always reexamining and redefining myself.
It's like trying to describe a flower before it blooms. The best is always still to come.

I don't play "Not my Job", I play "I guess this is my job too"...

Note to self: Work on my responses when people ask dumb questions...


Cyber Trek
Cyberspace, the second to the last final frontier
These are the voyages of adventure geek Howard Polley
His on going mission,  to explore strange new websites
to seek out new and exciting adventures
to boldly go where no adventure geek has gone before... outside

" A pioneer on the new frontier "

I'm in that moment between Impulse Drive and Warp Drive,
where information goes from Observation right into Acceleration,
which does not mean that I will be moving too fast,
It simply means that my Travel Time will be much quicker.


Howard Polley

|H|o|w|a|r|d| |P|o|l|l|e|y|
   (Between Bars |b|a|r|s, just so it can print |65| as in the 65th letter of the computer alphabet and not to be interpreted as "six followed by a five.")

(What the computer sees and what numbers it uses for each of the letters)

(Translated human or decimal numbers to Hexadecimal numbers)

(My name in 1's and 0's)



Your Name in Binary Code

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)

Computing Characters

Text Files




Note: I'm not the only one who uses the nickname Righteous Dude so don't confuse me with someone else.
Righteous Dude is a slang term meaning a very charismatic man who is well liked by nearly everyone.
A prime example of this term is the character Ferris Bueller, from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"


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