Work History  /  Income History

Not every job I worked is Recorded / Not all income is Recorded / Collected Unemployment around 10 times

1977   $ 1,332.00
Pumping Gas, Mobile Gas Station / Insurance Adjuster, Norwalk  /  Recycling Center  /  House Painter

1978   $ 453.00
Tree Sprayer  /  Floor Sweeper  /  Sold Avon  /  Burndy Corp. fabricated metal parts
DOD Job, Waterbury Ct.

1979  $ 3,881.00
Groiliers (Material Handler)  /  California, LA (Door to Door Sales)

1980 $ 5,044.00
Danbury Chemical, New Milford (Warehouse Manager / Delivery Driver)

1981  $ 3,448.00
California, Hollywood (Starwood Music Studio)  /  Sealed Air  /  Clothes Warehouse Worker  /  Dishwasher

1982   $ 2,490.00
Took surveys at the Mall, paid people for their opinion on consumer tests.
I went to Ground School to to be a pilot, but I never took the test or had money for flying lessons.

1983   $ 5,976.00
Danbury Printing and Litho (Material Handler  /  Fork Lift Driver)

1984   $ 8,487.00
Landscaping, Mowing Lawns, Laborer on a Construction Job, Built Flat Roofs with Hot Tar.

From 1974 to 1984 I made around $ 31,111.00

1985   $ 14,440.00
Micrognosis, Georgetown (Built Computer Systems) Superintendent at Lions Condos (Triangle Apartments)

1986   $ 18,528.00
Consolidated Controls (Built Control Systems for Nuclear Powered Subs) Had a Secret Clearance.

1987   $ 15,530.00
Connecticut Light & Power (Meter Reader)

1988   $ 22,172.00
Dupont, Newtown (Electrical/ Mechanical Technician, ultrasonic probes )

1989   $ 21,812.00
Visionetics (Electrical/ Mechanical Technician) Optical Scanners

1990   $ 9,829.00
Quality Control Inspector / Helped Ben Install Central Vacuum Systems

1991   $ 18,694.00
Davis & Geck , Medical Device Research Division (Lab Technician) Bio-absorbable Staples

1992   $ 23,476.00
Duracell (Engineering Technician R&D of alkaline & lithium batteries)

1993   $ 29,672.00
Svg Lithography Systems Wilton, CT (Optics Technician in Clean Room)
Silicone Wafers used for Integrated Circuits.

1994   $ 11,589.00
INTEC INC., Trumbull, CT  Laser Inspecting Systems

1995   $ 30,400.00
Duracell in Waterbury (Engineering Technician, Rechargeable)

1996   $ 36,636.00
IPEC Precision, Bethel, CT Built and wired wafer processing equipment

1997   $ 40,767.00  
Dresser Industries (Engineering Technician, Pressure Gauges)

1998   $ 26,710.00
Looking for website is published
Taught myself Website design and development, still learning new Programming Codes in 2015

1999   $ 24,154.00
Duracell (Experimental Production Technician)   Taught myself Photography and Computers

2000   $ 26,404.00
Kawasaki Rail Car, Yonkers NY (Subway Train Function Test Technician)

2001   $ 11,763.00
Kawasaki Rail Car, Yonkers NY (Subway Train Function Test Technician)

2002   $ 24,618.00
Photography / Videography / Video Editing / Website Developer / Computer Technician

2003   $ 37,241.00
Fuelcell Energy (Fuelcell Technician)

2004   (Income N/A)  
Looking for
Years with N/A , I did have some income, but for some reason it was not reported

2005   $ 33,055.00
Schick Wilkinson Sword (Engineering Technician R&D)

From 1985 to 2005 I made around $ 477,490.00

2006   (Income N/A)
Servicing POS equipment (point of sales) in major department & food stores in Ct.

2007   (Income N/A)
Looking for

2008   (Income N/A)
Research on Basic Knowledge 101 Begins
Visited Galapagos islands / Texas and New Mexico this year 
(stopped using Myspace, went on Facebook)

2009  (Income N/A) website published

2010   (Income N/A) 
Senior Citizen website published.  

2011   (Income N/A)
worked mostly on Basic Knowledge 101, but still working on Looking for and other websites

2012   (Income N/A)
Basic Knowledge website published

2013   (Income N/A)

2014   (Income N/A)
Relevance website published, still in Beta website published

2015   (Income N/A)
Still collecting all the valuable knowledge and information that I can find and then organizing everything into categories and then posting everything on Basic Knowledge
Still updating Looking for, Senior Citizen,, and Relevance  (So I have 6 Personal Websites now)

Those holding bachelor's degrees earn about $2.0 million over their lifetime, while associate's degree graduates only reach about $1.1 million, and about $910,000 for high school graduates. If your average salary is $35,000, working for 40 years, then the average American would earn $1,400,000 in their lifetime.
The Average Joe like me of course makes much less when adjusted for reality.

Of course the money that I earned over the years, or anyone else earned, does not measure the value of the work that that was performed, or the Cost to the environment. Did society benefit from my work? Or was I just contributing to the slow decay of the human race? The money earned is only saying that work was being preformed for a particular price, it does not say if the work made any difference, or whet the real cost was.

The most important job I do now is with Basic Knowledge 101, Iím making a difference, just not as quickly as needed.

40 years of work and I hardly have anything to show for it, except a lot of vacations, lots of photos, I had around 10 girlfriends, had around 15 cars, did lots of drinking in bars, attended 100ís of music concerts,
ate lots of food, bought too many clothes, had 3 motorcycles, 4 Bicycles, still have 2 bikes, own 4 computers, 1 old plasma TV, have 2 old stereo receivers, a blue-ray player, and over 100 Music CDís.
I Lived in the same place for 30 years with 17 different roommates, mostly female roommates.
(As of August 2015, I have Never Been Married and I have no Children)

Looking at all the receipts, I bought a lot of things, software, hardware, computers, cameras, camera equipment. I bought a lot of junk too, I was a mindless consumer. Luckily I lived in a condo with limited space.

Companies that I Started

Nutec (Outsourcing Mechanical Assemblies)
Saving the Environment Through Technologies (Environmental Products)
Howies Creative Images (Photography and Video) (2 Calendars, 4 Photo Books, Flower Note Cards)
Looking for Adventure Inc. (Travel, Sports and Recreation)
Own 5 websites and built about 20 other websites in all.

Activities and Sports
Besides people watching, socializing, nature watching, writing, and sitting around just thinking...these are some of my activities...
Skydived (freefall), Bungy jumped from a Crane, Hot Air Balloon Ride, White Water Rafting Class 5 Rapids, 4X4, Flew in a Small plane and Sailplane Glider, Para-Sailing, Rode Motorcycles, Rode Bicycles,
Mountain Biked, Kayaked, Canoed, Hiked up 20 different Mountains, Scuba Dived to 100 feet, Snorkeled, Swam in rivers, lakes, oceans and streams, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Snow Sledding, Ice Hockey,
High Dived off Rock Ledges, Rope Swings, Climbed Trees, Played Football (flag, tackle, touch), Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Darts, Ping-pong, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Frisbee, Golf, Video games, Foosball, Weight Lifting, Jogging, Cave spelunking,
Rode a Mechanical Bull, Rode Mini Bikes and Homemade Go-carts, went Boating, Sailing, Rode Roller Coasters, Alpine slide, played Billiards, Camped out 100ís of times, Rode Horses, Skateboarded, went Bowling, Sang songs, Rock Climbing (indoor and outdoor) shot guns, pellet guns, bb guns, arrows. Went Fishing (fly and deep sea), Handball, Dancing, Racquetball, Watched over 2,000 movies, Drove cars over a million miles, Slot Car Racing, Paintball. Never broke a bone in my body even after having several car accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports injuries, and so on.

Places I Visited
Spent the summer months in Florida 3 times and visited a few other times, I Lived in California 2 times and visited 5 other times, Drove Across America in 4 weeks, Visited around 50 National Parks, visited Ecuador in South America, traveled to the Galapagos Islands, Canadian Rockies, Quebec, Montreal, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Been to England 3 times, visited  the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Athens Greece.  I've driven through almost every state in America.

I haven't owned a car in over 7 years. I haven't had cable TV or Satellite TV in over 7 years.
I have a pay as you go Smartphone.
I don't buy paper towels or buy bottled water. I use a backpack or reusable grocery bag when food shopping.
I ride my bicycle almost everywhere.

Since I was Born in 1960.(2016)
My Heart has beat over 2 billion times.
I have traveled 37,094,025,717 miles through space on my spaceship called Earth.
I have traveled over 32,496,627,730 miles around the Sun on my spaceship called Earth.
I have traveled over 270,805,235,560 miles through the Milky Way on my spaceship called Earth.
Since I was Born in 1960.
The earth has had 270 major eruptions.
A coast redwood's growth in my lifetime was 70' 10"
World Population has increased by 4,378,974,225
In my life there have been 122 solar eclipses
in my lifetime Tectonic plate movement on the East Pacific Rise was 27' 1"
in my lifetime 1.4 billion lost acres were destroyed.
in my lifetime  Over 2 billion people have died, while the population grew over 3 billion more people.
in my lifetime since 1960 earths average temp was 57.2 in 2013 it is 58.3
If was born on the planet Mars I would be 28 years old instead of 55.

If I Retire at 62
My Social Security Check will be $750.00 a month, if I wait till Iím 70, I will get $1,320.00 a month.

I know I will never retire. I will be working till the day my body dies. Basic Knowledge 101 will always be evolving, and so will I right along with it. Once you realize how many things that you can do, you can't help but try to do as many as possible. I know I can't do everything, but it doesn't stop me from trying to do as much as I can, especially knowing how much work the world needs. If I don't do then who will? I really don't mind working till I old and dying, as long as I can save lives and make improvements.

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