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How to tell which way is North using the Sun         Bookmark and Share  

The Directions below are for the Northern Hemisphere.
In the Southern Hemisphere it's the Opposite (North is now South)

1: Place a 3' long stick in the ground firmly.

2: Mark the end of the shadow from the 3' long stick with a smaller stick.

3: Now wait around 15 minutes.

4: Use another small stick to mark where the end of the shadow is now.

5: Lay another stick on the ground so that it touches both small sticks.

6: Place your left foot towards the first small stick marker.

7: Place your right foot towards the second small stick marker.

8: With your body facing the 2 small sticks used to mark the ends of the shadow you are now facing north. Your Right is east, your left is west and behind you is south.

Note: At 12 noon your shadow will be facing North in the Northern Hemisphere

Another way using the Sun to tell Direction
If you have a digital watch with no hour & minute hand then just replicate a watch with sticks to match the time on your digital watch.

1: Point the hour hand at the sun.

2: Half way between the hour hand and 12 noon will be do south.
    (If you are in the southern Hemisphere the it would be north)

When facing north your Right is East, your Left is West



At Night know how to use the Stars and Moon to tell North
but of course it's always best to carry a Compass.
The North Star is the last star in the handle of the Little Dipper constellation.
You can also find the North Star by using the Big Dipper constellation.
The outermost stars of the cup of the Big Dipper forms a straight line that always "points" to the North Star or Polaris.



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