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Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild 1969 (youtube)         Motorcycle Band (youtube)

Biker Rear-Ends Car 100 mph and lands on his Feet (youtube)
I had a similar experience except on a bicycle in the rain, my bike hit a car head on and I went flying over the car and then landed on my feet.



  Motorcycle Manufacturers

  Aprilla  -  BMW  -  Buell  -  Can-Am  -  Ducati  -  Harley  -  Honda  -  Husaberg  -  Husqvarna

  Indian  -  Kawasaki  -  KTM  -  Kymco  -  Moto Guzzi  -  Suzuki  -  Victory  -  Trumph  - Yamaha

  List of Motorcycle Manufacturers (wiki)      Motorcycle Manufacturers



Motorcycle Crashes on YouTube

The Crash that Broke a Motorcycle in Half

Crash over a Guardrail

Evel Knievel’s 1975 Crash at Wembley Stadium, London, England

Multi-bike Crash at the 2011 Superbike World Championship, Assen, Netherlands

Illegal Stunt Riders’ Crash



South Park (Season 13 Episode 12) "The-F-Word" (video)  This is why I can't understand why people have to purposely chose to be Noise Polluters when there's no need. Some motorcycle riders claim that the reason why their motorcycles are so freaking loud is that it will make other drivers more aware of them and thus lesson their chance of an accident, which is ridicules because you are already on a dangerous machine and you don't even need a car to have an accident. What if you compare the number of motorcycle accidents without cars, to the number of motorcycle and car accidents, and to just car on car accidents, and see if noise had any contributing factors in the outcome of any of the accidents. My guess is "still no reason to be loud." And this is not just about Motorcycles either, there is a lot of noisy idiots out there using all kinds of noisy machines, that's including all those Loud Mouths, I can hear you dirt bag no need to scream, say it don't spray it.

Noise pollution costs billions a year. It increases blood pressure, shortens lives, reduces office
productivity by 66%, interferes with learning and concentration and, along with open-plan offices.
Industrial Noise Control   
Noise Pollution (epa)   Quiet Mark Low Noise Products    Mental Health


Motorcycles can Save Lives:  Ambucycle (wiki)    Now Force     Angel Med Flight

FUSAR Mohawk - Make ANY Helmet Smart Mohawk is an action camera, activity tracker, communication device, navigation unit, music player, black box and emergency alert system - all wrapped into one.

This motor bike can travel over 300 miles on just 1 liter of water (youtube)

British F1 Sidecars - Round 1 - 2016 - Oulton Park (youtube)

Ride to the Himalayas | Leh Ladakh to Bangalore | 23 days-5340kms (youtube)

Airbus 3D printed electric motorcycle 77 pounds, goes 50 mph a range of 37 miles (60 kilometers) limited run of 50 motorbikes, costing 50,000 euros ($56,095)



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