New York City Photos
Manhattan was settled by the Dutch in 1623




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The New York City Fire Museum

Ground Zero New York City

San Gennaro Festival



" Looking Up "

Biking New York City Photos

New York City is party for your senses. The city has an amazing verity of foods and flavors that awaken the mind and taste buds, the city reminds you of how boring your diet is.  The sounds, the music, the vibrations. The aromas, the smells.  The feel, the texture, the hardness. The sights, ooh the sights. I wonder if I lived there full time, how long does it take before a person becomes desensitized, or becomes disconnected in some way. Will my tolerance effect my awareness? Will it effect my compassion? I say this because there is not a lot of eye contact when you're walking the streets in the city.

NYC November 2015 Photos    100 Gates

NYC June 2015 Photos

Around the State



New Years Eve Times Square Videos & Photos

Humans of New York


Mannahatta Map  (what New York looked like Long ago)




Cool New York City Night Clubs

Club Groove
125 Macdougal St

530 W 27th St

130 W 3rd St

Club Zone

Bar Crawler.com

Club Planet


32-04B Broadway,
Long Island City

239 3rd Ave

People Lounge
163 Allen St

Black Betty
366 Metropolitan Ave

45 W 21st St

235 Eldridge St

The Spotted Pig
314 W 11th St

Bar 288
288 Elizabeth St

Table 50
643 Broadway

The Darklight
366 8th Ave


264 Bowery

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