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Launch your Canoe or Kayak right behind the Courtyard by Marriott on Eagle Road.

The EPA did not allow Stew Lenard's to cut the grass along the still river but
they allowed condos to be built on the banks of the still river, which was the last wooded area in Danbury on the Still River and ruined a very nice area of this trail. Ignorance and corruption has been destroying Danbury for years. Politicians just dedicate parks for votes. They never plan to maintain them or preserve them. We have to stop this abuse on all levels and get honest people involved instead. Greed and ignorance is not an excuse to destroy land, because after your dead and gone millions of future generations will have to live with your abuse for a very long time, and all because of your selfish brief moment in life. News-times said they spent $500,000 in 14 years for this trail.
Looks like some just pocketed that money because I have been hiking this trail for years and it was never maintained.

It's obvious that the Danbury Land Trust doesn't understand how to preserve land either.
Danbury Land Trust should talk to the people at the Roxbury Land Trust who actually know how to preserve land and raise money and awareness for open space.

Nature Conservancy          Pollution and the Still-River (PDF)        Statewide Bacteria (PDF)

Water Data       EPA Still River Info (PDF)

The trail starts near the Four Corners and travels south toward Junction Road. It parallels Route 7 and the Still River. The trail, which is handicap accessible, will be paved, 10 feet wide and won’t exceed a 5 percent grade at any point.
It costs $2.8 million and is paid for with an 80/20 grant from the Department of Transportation. This means the town is only responsible for about $560,000 of the project.  $2.8 Million? Someone just stole some money.


The Still River with White Stained River Rocks from Road Salt  and other Pollutants   (April 4, 2013)

De-icing Dilemma, Do streets need Salt ?   Road Salt (pdf)    Snow ice     EPA Roads     US Roads

By the winter of 1941- ... Road salt, also called rock salt, is sodium chloride, chemically abbreviated NaCl. ... Because it can take decades for road salt to flush out of a watershed, ... in wells that are downhill from heavily salted roads. ..... When water runs off of treated roads, dissolved road salt washes into nearby ponds and rivers.

Alternative Deicers
These are chemicals or abrasives that can be used in place of, or to reduce salt. They should be considered for use in vulnerable areas (bridges, wetlands, other low-lying areas, roads near well fields or other public water supplies, etc.). Currently there is no perfect alternative to road salt, but research is ongoing.

Best Management Practices For Salt Use On Private Roads, Parking Lots and Sidewalks.
November 2004. Environment Canada.    Road Salt (pdf)







The Still River Slum..Does Danbury Ct. need a Tent City?


This is the day after Danbury Connecticut Clean up day on May, 8, 2011. This Shantytown has been here for years and has been polluting the Still River. The Still River Clean up day is coming up this week. Maybe they can clean up river for once. Maybe you don't understand that garbage actually flows down stream so why are you always cleaning the same area down stream? I have seen a police officer go down there a few months ago so the City does know. Casper Street is the road where they have the annual Soap Box Derby. Casper Street also has Homes and businesses' with one business being The Mann Kind Corporation. Obviously who ever is living in skid row under the Casper Street Bridge next to the Still River needs help. Looks like Danbury could use a tent city. How about Lee Farm?


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