Big Bend National Park was established June 12, 1944 and is the 27th national park in the United States, and the first in Texas. Over 800,000 acres of desert (Chihuahuan) and mountains on the border of Mexico, separated by 118 miles of the Rio Grande, which flows from the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado for 1,865 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The name Big Bend comes from the great U-turn the Rio Grande makes here in Southwest Texas. The park has more types of birds, bats, and cacti than any other national park in the United States. 1,200 species of plants, 11 species of amphibians, 56 species of reptiles, 40 species of fish, 75 species of mammals, 450 species of birds, and about 3,600 species of insects.


Bad Lands  -  Park Headquarters  -  Balanced Rock  -  Grapevine Hills Trail   -  Balancing Rock. -  Dagger Flat Auto Trail
Old Ore Road  -  Roys Peak Vista  -  Telephone Canyon Trail  -  Cactus Camp de Leon  -  Sierra del Carmen Mountain Range  Main Road  -  Rio Grande Village  -  Boquillas Canyon Trail  -  Rio Grande River   -  Copper Scorpions  -  Park Tunnel
Chisos Mountains  -  Lost Mine Trail   -  K-Bar  -  Langford Hot Springs  -  Gravel Pit 2  -  Pine Canyon  -  Pine Canyon Trail  Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive  -  Mule Ears Spring Trail  -  Castolon Visitor Center  -  Santa Elena Canyon  -  Ocotillo Grove

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Chisos Mountains on Green Gulch Pass (35mm May 1997)