10 years of photographs of Danbury Connecticut by photographer Howard Polley.
160 Page Book Featuring over 465 photos of Danbury plus over a 100 Bonus photos of 32 Connecticut towns.
 That's almost 600 photos that makes this an amazing value.

Danbury was 325 Years old in 2010....Happy Birthday Danbury!

13"x11"  Hard Cover Book with Thick Premium Paper for Exceptional Quality and long lasting




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The book will cover 10 years of photos (1999 - 2009) by Danbury Photographer Howard Polley.
The book will be 13x11 with a hard cover and have around 465 beautiful photographs of Danbury with
tidbits of information about the photos, landmarks, parks and history,  plus over a 100 Bonus photos of 32 Connecticut towns.
 That's almost 600 photos which makes this an amazing value.

Because the book is being printed one a t a time the Book is $138.95
 that's around .30 cents a photo, not bad since many of these photos sold for $200.00 each.
I f the photo book ever gets massed published the price will go down but I can't guarantee that will happen.

25 % of the proceeds of the book will go towards the restoration of our city's beloved historical landmark Hearthstone Castle. Some of the photos in the book will be from my Danbury Photo Gallery as well as never before seen photos.

In the future I hope to revise and build this book and have a lot more people involved and having more people contribute their photos. This way this photographic book can expand its pages and photos to show even more of Connecticutís charm, beauty and people that together truly makes Connecticut a very special place.

These types of photographic books would also be a great idea if each town in this country would use this incredible book publishing service to create photographic books of the town were they live. All they have to do is first find some qualified people to mange the project. Then publicize the making of the photographic book so that every one who wants to help and contribute to the book can do so. Then you take the best photos that people submit, organize them into categories and areas, then show the book for any last minute changes or ideas, then put the book up for sale so that everyone who wants to buy the book can do so. And if you get enough preorders or you strongly believe a very large number of books will be purchased, then you could mass publish the book so that the cost of the book will be much less then having them printed one at a time.


Creating a Family Photo Album and Family History Book

How much work does it make to make a nice gift?
When I made a photo calendar I noticed that it takes a lot of time to make. It takes a lot of different skills, resources, people, tools and money. There are many things that people don't see that are involved in creating a nice gift. First I bought a new camera and then I learned photography. I then took photos and organized them over several years. I then purchased a new computer. I then spent thousands of hours learning how to use the computer. And then I had to buy the software needed to edit the photos. Then I spent a thousand hours learning how to use the photo editing software. I then spent another thousand hours creating the calendar and preparing it for printing. Then last, depending on how many calendars you print, will determine the price. I wanted a thousand so I used a local print shop to print the calendars, which was several thousand dollars, and of course you have to add the time, the money, the experience, the specialized equipment and the tools that it takes to run a print shop. But if we just look at my time alone, if I was only paid $20.00 an hour, One thousand hours would be around 5 months working 40 hours a week, $20,000 for each skill, 4 skills would be close to $80,000 just for my time alone. I wonder What would it cost if I had to pay a design company to make my calendars of the same quality? Now lets add all the other people involved, the people who made the cameras, the people who made the computers, the people who made the computer software, the people who built the printing presses, the people who operated the printing presses, and then all the people who provide all the resources like, paper and rare earth elements. So to make a calendar is like a million dollars. That's if you add up everything correctly. So don't ever under estimate the value of your work, or under estimate the value of other people works that you benefited from.

Counting what Counts.