Photographs of Danbury Connecticut   The Most Photographed Town in America by Howie            Bookmark and Share


Photograph Prices vary depending on Size and Format
72dpi for websites to poster size resolutions of 300dpi
tiffs, jpegs, bitmaps, pdf, rgb or cmyk
Prints Signed & Dated by the Photographer Howard Polley along with
 info about each photo on how it was taken, where & Howie's thoughts
Howie's photo's can even be transferred to Canvas to look like Paintings
Photos for Xmas Cards, Promotions, Advertising, Flyers or Brochures
 Photos on
CD with 2 year Release unlimited usage & (RF)

e-mail for prices
(include Photo name, size & format)


Buy any 8x10 Photo and then have it Framed  in a
17x14 hard wood frame with Double Bevel Mat

To get the name of the photo to purchase just right click on the photo then click on properties if using an Explorer Browser or
if using the Safari Browser or Firefox then right click on the photo then copy & paste the image address in an e-mail to me.


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