140 Million year old Petrified  Dinosaur Dung (Coprolite)

Mr. Mead, from East Tennessee State University has the world's most diverse collection of animal droppings

Dinosaurs roamed the earth for 180 million years before going extinct around 65 million years ago. (Triassic period to the Cretaceous Period)
During that time the earth was one big land mass with no polar ice caps. The average earth temperature being around 45 degrees F.
The sea levels were 300 to 800 feet higher and oxygen levels were 32 to 35 percent with today being 21 percent.
There were also no broad leaf trees during the Triassic period and Flowers were just starting to develope around 125 million years ago.
Average size of some dinosaurs were 40 ft. high and 75 ft. long and weighing approximately 70,000 to 130,000 tons.

New finds show that Africa was inhabited by a series of human ancestors from Ardipithecus around 6 million years ago.
Modern humans started evolving in Africa around 195,000 years ago.
U.S. researchers believe the jaw of a man found in Romania, dating back 35,000 years ago,
is the oldest such fossil of a modern European, but in fossil-rich caves of Atapuerca, located in northern Spain
human ancestors, estimated at between 1.1 and 1.2 million years old, have been found.

A Human has 206 bones, 650 muscles, 1,500 miles of airways, billions of nerve cells, 100 trillion cells
 and a heart that beats around 3 billion times in its lifetime.

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 Dreadnoughtus  130,800 lbs. / 85 ft. long / 20 ft. high



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