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Parallel evolution in the genomes of humans and dogs suggest that dogs were domesticated 32,000 years ago.


Frisbee Dogs


Pet Finder

Adopt a Pet

Theresa Berg Animal Adoption Photos

Foreclosure Pets

Animal Sanctuaries

Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Animal Shelter Idaho

Animal Shelter Locations

Pixie Project

Animal Communication

Taking Care of Pets


Pet Therapy  /  Medical Dogs
Animal Assisted Therapy (wiki)
Therapy Dogs
Pet Partners   Pet Partners
Animal Assisted Therapy Programs
Animal Assisted Therapy Programs
Animal Assisted Therapy
Autism Therapy Dogs

Therapeutic Riding Program
Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT)
Hippotherapy (wiki)

Human Animal Interaction
Human Animal Interaction Research
Animal Behavior Institute
Animal Behavior Resources
Pact for Animals
Pet Foster

Therapy and Counseling Resources
Can Dogs Smell Cancer?
Canine Cancer Detection (wiki)
Medical Detection Dogs
Medical Response Dog (wiki)
Hypo Alert Dog (wiki)

Detection Dog (wiki)

Physical Therapy for Animals
Canine Physical Therapy (wiki)
Canine Rehab Institute

Wizard of Paws
Canine Physical Therapy Rear Limb

Nuzzle: GPS Pet Collar with No Fees



The American Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals

Ontario Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

Caring Consumer for  Products that
don't use Animal Testing

Non Animal Alternative

BC Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals

Animal Welfare Society

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Info

Wildlife Trade

Dog Work

The Humane Society of the U.S

Canine Companion

Best Friends Animal Society

Pilots n Paws

List of Domesticated Animals (wiki)
Pet (wiki)
 Dog (wiki)

Dog Poop Powered Lamp

Poop Scooping Services

Wildlife Conservation

Traveling with Pets

Paul's Custom Pet Food

Health and Wellness Animal Hospital

Abaxis develops leading-edge point-of-care technologies for veterinary practices.
Veterinary Physician (wiki)


  The Secret Life of the Dog  (this is just like the documentary below for some reason)

Furever (2014)
Educational documentary film about pet loss, attachment, and the many processes by which we preserve more than our pets’ memories.
Aired 05/19/2014 | Not Rated | 1 hr. 20 min.

The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) - Adam Ruins Everything   (youtube)


 Dogs Decoded (1/3) by xSilverPhinx



 Chaser  the Border Collie who knows over a Thousand Words (youtube)

  World Woof Tour The Worlds most Traveled Dogs



  Funny Lip-sync



   Husky Dog That needs its paw to be held when driving (youtube)

   There are around 83.3 million owned dogs in the US alone.  The Humane Society


Dog Rides Motorcycle as Passenger




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