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Daddy Long Legs


Praying Mantis


Horn Worm



Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee



western coniferseed

Blue Flower Wasp




Cicada Dogday Harvestfly


Syrphid Fly



Insect Information Websites




Biodiversity Survey Rapid Assessment Program         UCONN Bioblitz

Identify House Spiders with new Free App    Spider in da House

Justin O. Schmidt, PhD (Entomology) 77, wins 2015 Ig Nobel Prize for Sting Pain Index from insects

Giant Ant Hill Ant Mound Filled With 10 tons of Concrete then Excavated (youtube)

For every human on Earth there are approximately 1.6 million ants. The total weight of all those ants is approximately the same as the total weight of all the humans on Earth.

Branham Lab Research on insect systematics and evolution

Ballooning (spider) is a means by which spiders, and some other small invertebrates, can move through the air by releasing one or more gossamer threads to catch the wind. By this means they are wafted aloft and are at the mercy of the air currents.

Mind-Blowing, Magnified Portraits of Insects (video and text)

Eating Insects for Food


Eating Insects (wiki)    

Consumption of Insects as Food  

Edible Insects (PDF)

David George Gordon Shows how to Eat Bugs
List of Edible Insects

People Eating Insects and Bugs | Wild Food School - FORAGING Times (youtube)

Insects Feed The World
Edible Bugs       

Insect Lore: Insect Growing Kits
Insect Growing Kits
Bugs and Insects Kits      

Tiny Farms Insect Farming

Desktop Hive for Edible Insects

Big Cricket Farms

Cricket Protein Powder 

Ento Food

Wild Plant Food    Survival Tips




Giant honey bees - Life in the Undergrowth - BBC Attenborough



The life cycle of insects can be simple or complex, but it always includes four stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult.  To begin any insect control program it is necessary to have a positive identification of the culprit and a clear understanding of its habits, its likes, dislikes and life cycle. Armed with this knowledge it is sometimes possible to avoid the pests entirely, to discourage their attacks or to interfere with their love-life to the extent that their population declines and they are no longer a major problem.  Do My Own Pest Control



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Photograph Prices vary depending on Size and Format
72dpi for websites to poster size resolutions of 300dpi
tiffs, jpegs, bitmaps, pdf, rgb or cmyk
Prints Signed & Dated by the Photographer Howard Polley along with
 info about each photo on how it was taken, where & Howie's thoughts
Howie's photo's can even be transferred to Canvas to look like Paintings
Photos for Xmas Cards, Promotions, Advertising, Flyers or Brochures
 Photos on
CD with 2 year Release unlimited usage & (RF)

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