The Merrit Parkway in Connecticut has 69 Bridges over its 37.5 mile length.
It was completed on September 1940 and is in the National Register of Historic Places

27 Bridges Pass Over the Merritt Parkway and the other 42 Bridges are hardly noticed as you driver over them.

Concrete arch bridge Built in 1940 over CT 15 on James Farm Road in Stratford

Length of largest span: 38.1 ft.  /  Total length: 87.9 ft.  /  Deck width: 26.6 ft.
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places
 Connecticut bridge number  CT 759

BH 12065  ( ID)


Nike Wings  Nike (Greek meaning Victory)

More Bridges

Bridge 738 on Hill Side Road
Fairfield (underpass)

Bridge 696 on Lake Ave.
Greenwich (overpass)

Bridge 730 Fairfield

Bridge 731 Fairfield

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