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week 1 )  Dragon Fly; Power Lines; Moss; Brooklyn Bridge; Newtown, Ct.
week 2 )  Hyssop; Caterpillar; Frog; Water Lily; New London; Raspberries; Bubble; Pond; Fireworks; Sparkler Art
week 3 )  Sunsets; Cattails; Dragon Fly; Moth; Chinese Wisteria; Hosta; Sun Beam; Green Leaves; Main St.; Corn; Newtown; Cows; Roxbury; Superman; Peony; Side view mirror
week 4 )  Butterfly; Jesus; Frog; Truck Planter; Rabbit; Flowers; Tiger Lily; Corn Field; Spider; Hibiscus; Lily of the Valley; Golf; Deer; Hosta
week 5 )  Bronz Zoo; Jewelry; New York Botanical Garden;
Antique Machinery Festival; Side View Mirror; American Flag Yard; Big Teddy Bear; Sunset; Spider; Flower
week 6 )  Golf New York; Tarrywile Park; Fall; Hay wagon; Barn; Goat; Horses; Biking Ct.; Pumpkins; Grave Yard; Butterflies; Mask; Cat; Woolly Bear Caterpillar (Isia isabella)
week 7 )  Yellow Leaf; Yellow Leaves; Fall Trees; Bushwacker; Rogers Park; Worm; Baby
New Years Eve Times Square New York City 2007
week 9 )  New York Giants; Sled; Dog; Teddy Bear; Lake; Frozen Ice; Tunnel, Ground; Stone Wall; Snow Trees; Fence; Me
week 10 ) Hiking Southbury in the snow, Old Barn; Water Tower, Cell Phone Tower; Russian Church
Things )  Sea Shells; Statues; Nuts; Rocks; Cups; Robot; Scorpio; Sea Horse; Sponge; Coral; Helmet; Ring; Mr. Incredible; Cowboy; LT'; Wooden Snake;  Beer Caps


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