Backyard Wildlife and Birds I Photographed around my House in Danbury Connecticut. 

It's time to feed the Dinosaurs..
I like putting out some bird seed on my balcony just outside the window where I work on my computer.
I'm always surprised just how many different types of birds show up. 
Some of these birds were photographed through a window so the clarity is diminished a little.


                         The European Starling above usually shows up in groups of 4 or 5 birds just like the Blue Jays.
Other Birds that showed up this winter were: Crow, Dove, Cardinals and another bird with a red stripe on its head called a Gila Woodpecker. I also have an American Robin show up from time to time, but for some reason the Robin does not seem interested in the bird seed.

I witnessed a lot more birds in 2003 and 2004. There is definitely less birds now in 2011.   Bird Migration (Wiki)
Songbird Populations May Indicate Trouble in Northwestern Forests

A Squirrel usually stops by for a short time to nibble on the bird seed too. I also see a family of Deer walk by every now and then.
A saw a Fox and hear his eerie barking now and then. I also saw a Groundhog, Raccoon, Turkey Vultures and a  Skunk at different times. Down the road from my house I also saw a Wild Turkey crossing the street one day.
Another day at Tarrywile Park I saw a Hawk.  And then there are the
CrowsI also Have seen Great Blue Heron.
I also see Geese and of course I see Seagulls because Danbury is covered in garbage. Yes the City is managed by incompetent morons.

On August 9, 2011
I saw a large blue and white bird on my balcony that was either a hawk or a falcon. 
Probably looking for small birds eating at the bird feeder. After it flew away I did not hear or see any birds for a while, running scared I assume.

2015 Update:
I haven't seen the cardinals or the robins since the spring.
The only birds I have seen a couple of times are the bluejays and small finches.
I hardly heard any birds singing in the morning this year, it was eerily quite.
I still see the Deer and only a few small animals.

New Bird, Gray Catbird (wiki)  Gray Catbird Sounds
Still have my Robins and a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Field Guide of Birds in the Eastern US and Canada

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Satellite Image  (My home in Red)

Satellite Image of Danbury Ct.

 Annual high temperature: 61.3F
Annual low temperature: 41.2F
Average temperature: 51.25F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 52.88 inch
Av. annual snowfall: 45 inch
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Danbury Photos

Elevation Topo Terrain map of my Home   (showing larger area then above satellite map)

Elevation Topo Terrain Map of Danbury Ct.

I Live in the Back with the trees




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 A Crow as a Pet Bird (Video)  Walter the crow and an Ottawa family

The Girl who gets Gifts from Birds

A Murder of Crows (PBS Video)







Fatal Light Awareness Program, known as FLAP,
estimates that one million to nine million birds die every year from impact with buildings in the Toronto area.

Help Save Songbirds


The Finest Bird Song Machine Built in1890  (youtube)


Small birds look skittish because they are experiencing life at a faster frame
, and they also have a quicker physical response. So when they land they are
still flying in a sense. The larger birds don't look as skittish as the small
birds do. It seems the smaller things get the faster they can go.

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