Creating a Family Photo Album and Family History Book

Creating a family photo album with your family history is a big project.
Collecting all the photos from family and friends is the hardest part. But once you have all your photos you now have to collect information on your family history (websites below). You also have to interview friends and family in order to get a complete story.  It's also good  to share ideas on how the style and layout of the family book should be.
 Don't forget to put birthdates, key moments, tidbits and anything else that would be informative and fun to share and also that would be nice to preserve for future generations.

When you think about all the people and all the circumstances that led to the birth of each and everyone of us, you can’t help but to be amazed and a little curious at the same time. To know your family history is to have a clearer understanding of yourself and the people who made your life possible.

Appreciating and recognizing the people in your past will help you to appreciate and understand the people of the present. Then ultimately, future generations will come to appreciate and understand each of us, which will help us to continue to bless the true meaning of the word ‘family’ and the importance of appreciating and documenting our family history.    - 
Howard Polley


Use the websites below for tips about Family Research

    Family Tree (wiki)    Pedigree Chart (wiki)    Bloodline Heredity (wiki)     Ancestor (wiki)    Genealogy (wiki)

 Genealogy Family Tree Search    Historical Documents      Ancestry      Family Search     Genealogy

      Family Tree Maker        My Great Big Family       Geni Online Family Tree    Behind The Name

Dorky Family Photos      Aj Jacobs: The world's Largest Family Reunion we're all invited (video) 

Find out Historical Events and Famous Birth Dates on Someone's Birthday

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I like to use for printing family Photo Albums. They have great sizes, styles and good quality books.
 You could  put over 1,500 photos in a  family photo book.
There are also other publishers to choose from if you prefer to try a different printer.


Marrying into a Family Tree is like being Married to the Mob.
Mob: A disorderly crowd of people.
Crowd is a large group of people that are considered together.


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