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Gang Graffiti Automatic Recognition and Interpretation (GARI) Gang graffiti recognition

Las Calles Hablan  (Great Documentary about street art or Grafitti)


Graffiti Verite 1 Read The Writing On The Wall (2014) Hulu
Graffiti Art World ARTISTS whose artistic tool of choice is the Spraycan.
Aired: 03/11/2014 |  44 min
Interviews with L.A. Artists 
Tribe, Snake Doctor, Designine, Toonz, Relic, Cre8, TTCrew, Man One, Chaz, Jipsie,
Nerv, Duke, Spine, Miner, Risk, Pjay, Dimmer, Mear, Tempt, Angst, Skept, Skew, Emuse,
Prime, Excite, 2and3, West Coast Artists.

Can Control and PCing

Reverse Graffiti   (High power pressure washer designs) 



Graffiti Artist Websites

Animal Bandido.com/tofulines/       hci entouno        Delirium debens      btoy.es      Vinz feel free      elkenor   

 ogoch we are all already dead        Francisco depajaro      aleixgoho      elxupetnegre    el-pez

sm 172 caesar         enzoandnio     mbpa.es      alice pasquini      dase.es       miss van

fert colores         konair       golanimal      meibolbcn     fatal fakers     c215        kram.es      min azzz