Granit Tombstone of the Dog
Mr. Barbo born April 20, 1943
We Loved Him and He repaid that Love with adoring devotion that only a dog can give
Shot and killed by a Malicious Hunter on November 24, 1955



There is another marker next to the gravestone which reads.....

In loving memory of Creamer 1989-1997
I came to this sacred place-
where, 40 years ago, the love of man and beast intersected
Boundless, timeless
Across genetic space
Knowing only one language
But spoken by both
Now I stand here where stood another so long ago
Fresh in grief inconsolable

Here lies Barbo
Loved by master unknown
whose grief 40 years ago
Strike again
Like a virulent germ, long-dormant

Now Infected
Bereft of understanding
Why nature, inconsonant with sentiment of man
Uncaring, unthinking
Turns love to grief
Milk to sour

The mystery of life deepened now
I burnish your memory daily

Now, carefully
I reach down - one final time
And scoop you up
Your fur against my face
Your tail held


In tribute to the love which knows no end no time no space
June 28, 1997

The owner of Mr. Barbo was J.G. Davidson