Poems by Howard Mark Polley
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"I don't consider myself a poet, I just believe that poetry is a creative way to express and a great way to describe a moment, even if that moment lasted many years"       

'Remember' was the first poem that I wrote in 1998. It was my Xmas present to everyone because I had no money that year for presents, I didn't realize that this would be the first poem of many.
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Our memory is so important, we need to use it every day,
never take it for granted, for there's always a price to pay.
It shapes our personalities, and makes us who we are,
sometimes making us laugh, and sometimes leaving a scar.
We'll always have good memories, and we'll always have bad,
but we learn from our experiences, so that knowledge we'll always have
We know it's not perfect, for sometimes we forget,
it doesn't mean it's lost, it just means we misplaced it.
Even with so much to remember, and so much to make sense,
it's choosing what to remember, that will always make a difference.

Itís remembering your ideas your thoughts your dreams your goals,
itís remembering to write them down, so everyone knows.
Itís remembering that time that song that poem that movie,
itís remembering to say I love you, and being proud to say Iím me.
Itís remembering to exercise our body, and that incredible mind of ours,
for our body will carry us through life, and our mind beyond the stars.
So let us not forget, especially in the month of December,
that life is a miracle full of magic, and we should always remember to remember.


Turning 40 in 2000
I still find it hard to believe just how fast time can pass,
for it seemed it would go on forever in my fifth grade class.
I kind of miss my father telling me to cut the grass,
because it sure beats worrying about the price of gas.
I've watched the world population double in size,
while going through so many changes that it amazed my eyes.
The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s each having it's own lows and highs,
this was with out a doubt the greatest time to be alive.
With many lives crossing my path with lasting impressions,
some enlightening my spirit and some with unanswered questions.
Having many roads to choose from that it was easy to lose direction,
so fortunate to live this long but it didn't seem like the intention.
So you think in 40 years you would learn everything there is to know,
But the world keeps reminding you there's always a need to grow.
with the lessons always changing and knowing your growing old
I've learned there's nothing more precious then our beloved soul,
now I wonder if the next 40 years will be as incredible as the last.
With all those experiences and memories being such a blast,
will the next changes I endure be as intense as in the past,
or will it be something totally different, or do I dare ask?


The Joke
We all know laughter is very good medicine,
but some how you managed to add some poison.
Is this your way of getting revenge,
or do you just enjoy insulting your friends?
A good sense of humor is to make people laugh,
it's not for you to use to cut people in half.
But some how you got this impression it's funny,
but this delusion is making you look like a dummy.
Making people look bad to make yourself look good,
is just saying you're insecure, that much is understood.
And having to brag and lie for attention,
will only leave you alone in your deception.
And remember you can never buy real friendship,
that only comes from having an open and honest relationship.
So you better think before you take your next poke,
because you're the one who might end up being the joke.


Picture Painted
You painted a picture of someone new,
someone quite different and definitely not you.
It seems some awful thing has broke you in two,
will you ever say what happened to you.
There's nothing wrong with being more confident,
unless of coarse you stop having a conscience.
And don't believe that it's only arrogance,
for all that does is add to your ignorance.
What hurts even more is the deceiving and lies,
it's like your forgetting your friends have eyes.
Is it that the word of friendship is losing its worth,
or is it you feel like you're the only person on earth?
How long can you keep hiding and playing this game,
you know you don't have to take all the blame.
For we all make mistakes and your no exception,
so set your self free from your painful detention.
So as we stand around wondering and waiting,
still trying to figure out this incredible painting,
our vision of you will always be tainted,
unless you explain this picture you painted.


We have choices, some we never take, some we never knew we had.
We always have choices, whether in our hearts or in our actions.
I like to show people choices, though some are rarely understood.
I believe its better to have them then to believe that you don't.


When I think about the past lives of other people,
I feel entranced with wanting to know about their thoughts.
What they held dear and what they loved in those quite moments.
For what is truly us, our education, our memories,
or something simple as our true nature,
the core that makes us who we are or who we long to be.
For all the materials that we value seem insignificant
when compared to the essence of our soul.


I thought to myself just how much this makes sense,
I came from a dysfunctional family so I have dysfunctional friends.
It's not as bad as it seems for I learned more then most,
because amongst all the dysfunction I learned to scrape burnt toast.
If you don't know what this means I'll put it into simple words,
it's hard to see the importance of friends and family until you realize they're yours.
So look beneath the surface for you will be surprised,
what you thought was a hinder is the reason you're so wise.


Please don't leave
Just hear me out for I was once at your feet,
it's not time to leave, so please stay in your seat.
This roller coaster can really be tough as we all know,
but if you don't let it finish you will never know.
So stay on this ride, their will always be better days,
good parts will always come and that's not just hearsay.
I've been on this ride long enough to tell you that,
you're never alone when this world is feeding you crap.
There's much more to this ride that you've already seen,
much more to experience and understand about this dream.
The nightmare will never be over if you get off now,
you will have to start over and come back as a cow.
I'm kidding, I don't know what happens when we die,
I know if you leave it will hurt people and make them cry,
and never see all great things that you would have done,
please don't go, for you're one of the good ones.
Your wondering how we know about you and your potential,
to give your life for something that's unimaginable,
don't read half a book, half a movie or kiss just one,
stay and ride with us, without you this place isn't fun.


Online Profile
Could I actually explain who I am and put me into words,
and hope to be deciphered correctly by all those online girls?
Is it that I'm superficial and desperate or just plain lazy,
because if I wanted to date I would just go out or pick up the phone,
So why am I so crazy?
See someone for the first time and see them move and see them smile,
is much more exciting then reading someone's online profile.
Personals show things you have in common, and make you seem compatible,
but you can't convey chemistry by e-mail and some how become adaptable.
So I'm going back out, and not just to look,
but to be there, just in case she is.
Because when our eyes meet I'll be reminded why I was born,
and what true love really is.


Beliefs should not separate us but should only liberate us
Beliefs should open doors, open our minds and open our hearts
Beliefs are not supposed to close our minds or tear us apart
Beliefs are not just to define us but mostly to remind us
We are all one species, one earth, one moon and one sun,
A world separated will never work and nothing will be won.


Love is hard to explain for it is a lot of things,
it's optimism and feelings of joy that makes your heart sing.
Love is being aware of yourself and the world around you,
Love is showing appreciation for the people who know you.
Love is cherished and something you don't want to lose,
for the pain is great and feels like your heart is in a noose.
But love doesn't make you smart, intelligent or even wise,
so don't get buried under all the experiences in our lives.
Understanding comes from experience, knowledge and school,
Love comes from knowing nobody's perfect, not even you.
Love is seeing the good in others especially yourself,
It's best when shared and will always last longer then wealth.
Love is enjoying the moment and the moments to come,
Love is a smile even when there is no sun.
Love is much more then having that special someone,
It's being yourself and being happy with whom you will become.


There's More
There's more to life then meets the eye.
There's more to tears that people cry.
There's more to death when people die.
There's just more, I don't know why?


America is more then just a place where Americans live,
It's a belief in freedom and liberty so that we may give.
America is in the hearts of millions all around the world,
America is about human rights for every boy and girl.
There are no races just one species so what can you say,
we were all bred from the same women on that special day.
We are more measured by the good that goes unnoticed,
and not by the fools who bring shame to each and everyone of us.
Our freedom has its faults for even Americans abuse this gift,
we're not measured by their evil or anything even close to it.
We escaped tyranny and took this land in hopes of a new start,
but evil followed and an indigenous genocide broke our hearts.
Our history is filled with mistakes and with many regrets,
but our future doesn't have to be, for that challenge is met.
America has much work to do and needs the support of everyone,
so don't give up or lose hope, for our day will surely come.


Death is neither a goodbye nor a hello,
it is merely a change from something we know.
But it must be so incredible that words cannot explain,
because the millions who've gone we haven't heard much of anything.
So when it comes, don't be excepting without questioning,
for we should all be prepared for all things.
For life being so spectacular, death must be truly amazing.


To Mourn
Everyone has to mourn the death of a loved one,
which is a pain that never seems to die.
But eventually you have to celebrate the life of your loved one,
and that is a joy that should never die.
If you truly love someone and truly miss them, then you honor them and you honor their memories by celebrating life as if they were right there by your side.
By recognizing and appreciating our loved ones greatest qualities, and by incorporating their qualities into our own lives, we make their spirits become truly immortalized. Our loved ones are now living through us, so do them one last favor, Live!

"To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die."  ~Anonymous


The Road
The road is like a friend, it's sometimes unpredictable and unbearable to no end.
But it's never at a loss for words, for it has a language all its own,
so no matter where you are, you will never be alone.


Whether it's yours or shared with others, it's still the same,
just another narrow-minded judgment with a different name.
You can't have an opinion based on limited information,
unless it's your job to give a biased ignorant observation.
Don't glamorize or even entertain negative points of view,
it's not good for anyone or anything, not even you.
It's ok to express your thoughts on moments in time,
if it's just complaining or attacks, you're just wasting time.
So try having a solution or some kind of logical plan,
this way you spread intelligence instead of your malice slam.


It always amazes me on all the different paths that we take during our lives,
not always knowing where they lead and how they will shape who we are.
Those decisions, those opportunities, those choices, those twists of fate.
If only more time, if only more love, if only more wisdom, who knows.
So much, so little, so what, if why, then why not?
To regret is to regress, for we all play our part in this human journey.
Envy is our enemy, for wealth and success is not a measurement of our worth.
So whatever path you find yourself on, Share what you have learned.
We all pass a baton, hopefully a baton that gives, and not one that takes.


Time can be seen and time can be felt.
Through the years of changes our world has endured,
through the changes we experience in ourselves.
Measured by moments and the rising of our Sun,
it's one thing we can be thankful for when the day is done.
Time Management


Don't bring hell with you
Most songs are about relationships, it's how most our lives are spent,
and not just with each other, but the worlds past and future tense.
We should turn our scars into knowledge, remembering the past instead of living there, never bringing our private hell with us, because that hell doesn't belong any where.
I choose not to make new friends with a lot of people every day,
knowing that some of those sacrifices there will always be a price to pay.
As I near the end of the rainbow, I'm not looking for that treasure, instead I'm bringing one, It's you who is my pleasure.
Just don't bring hell with you, please don't bring hell with you, I promise I wont bring my hell with me. Your eyes are all I see.


Cloudy Day
The endless hopelessness of a day with yourself,
wondering how long this one will last.
When will I start remembering, why does it stay?
Does it not know that it's not welcome anymore?
I have better things to do or not to do.
Maybe I should just embrace this,
like a friend I've finally come to understand.
it's not the end, for if it were...



How can I apologize for such an embarrassing stare,
my only hope is that some how you're not aware.
It must be a pre programmed genetic instinct given at birth,
possessed by the most beautiful species that walks the earth.
Like looking at a beautiful painting from a famous artist,
enjoying my favorite features as if I were alone in a forest.
Women are really a beautiful piece of work,
but that's no excuse for me to be a staring jerk.
I sure wouldn't like it if it were me,
getting a stare from some uncontrollable junkie.
So please forgive me for being a gawker,
I'm not a freak and I'm certainly not a stalker.

The O'Kaysions: I'm A Girl Watcher (youtube)

"I was ignorantly raised to believe that beauty was relevant and that addictions were normal...You're beautiful, and I love looking at you, but it's just a brief moment in time, a passing dream, an image that fades quickly into the mix of life, objective and subjective, never truly knowing, though my intentions are always honorable, it does not matter, especially when the receiver of the gaze is grossed out, I sincerely apologize, so please excuse me, I will delete the image of you from my mind as soon as I get home, unless of course I need to file your image under "crazy people to avoid" category. Just saying..you never know? The accuser may be more crazier then the accused, which happens more then you think. If something is interesting or pleasing to the eye then I look a little longer, but Staring is a major problem that we need to correct. It's embarrassing and humiliating."


Teenage Years
Teenagers want to be defined without definition
They want understanding without explanation
They want answers without having to ask questions
They want a map without any directions
They want to have money without the work
They want love without any words
They want to have dreams without reality
They want a body without its vitality
You will define yourself many times throughout your life,
as you learn over time more and more what is right.
You must always know not to give up without a fight,
and to keep logic and commonsense always insight.
You need to see the future and not just today,
and that the world desperately needs you to be OK.
Don't get frustrated when things don't go your way,
because life will never be perfect in any way.
So have some patience and some kind of a plan,
you'll need reassurance and way to understand.
You must never be afraid to ask someone for help,
so please lend a hand, because that teenager is yours


Stepping Stones of Gold
We are all the same, with no one to blame.
This is not a test, so there is no shame.
We learn from each other, and pass on what we know.
For every single lifetime, is a stepping-stone of gold.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Living for Sacrifice
I hope the time I spend honors those who gave their lives,
taking the time to think and dream to open up my eyes.
Giving back the time that they never had a chance to spend,
giving my time to make a difference before my life end.


Questions for my Soul
Does the soul originate from another world,
like a preplanned conception of a life unfurled?
Because the human body is such a perfect host,
that someone else must have engineered it at most.
And this planet is such an incredible place,
with nothing like it for miles far out in space.
This is probably why so many of us believe in a God,
because who else could have done such an amazing job.
It's like I'm in a Truman show and this is just a dream,
I could have been dead a dozen times or so it seems.
So maybe I did and this just a glimpse of what might have been,
because a soul that's short lived seems it could never win.
So maybe we keep learning even after our body dies,
because it's so impossible to learn everything even if you try.
So maybe the test is to see if a soul can make it home alive,
travel through space and find the creator and ask her why?
Because life is so cruel and unfair to a soul with no hope,
what's the point, to make it seem real, or to see if I choke?
I hope I can keep my memories or the essence of some,
because I would want to come back again and feel the sun.


Oh my lord oh my lord why do my friends regress,
what are these things that has made their lives such a mess.
Are these excuses or just extreme cases of human insecurity,
what knowledge can I bestow to make them see more clearly?
So much anger and confusion they have no logic in sight,
instead of understanding they regress into an ugly fight.
It seems such an awful waste of precious time and precious energy,
sacrificing life and living without enthusiasm or creativity.
How long can a person use their past to explain their present self?


Trying to be ready for all things to come
Iím ready to die today, but I make plans for tomorrow and I make goals for years to come.
My heart is in the sunrise, my hands are on the wheel, and I keep my eyes on the setting sun.


Music, What can I say
Music was a friend when I could not find one.
Music talked to me when no one could.
Music touched me when no one would.
Gave me hope when all I felt was pain.
And all music asked for in return was that I listen, which I did with my heart and my head, with an understanding as if we were one.
Even when most of the time I didnít know all the words, it didnít seem to matter because the music seem to communicated on a level that needed no words at all.
Thank you God for giving us all those incredible artists who produced so many different styles of music that perfectly blended and added to the mix of life.
At times it seemed like there was an endless supply of songs and sound that fill the air. Itís great when a song comes along that really grabs you and touches your soul and lets you know that you are not alone even if you are. Sparking your imagination with visions of love and pain. And how cool it is when some songs related to the experiences of your life. And when you heard your song especially with your friends at a club, in a car, concert or a party, you were able to share that passion and enthusiasm that the music was giving you by either dancing, singing or playing air guitar or what ever way you loved to express your connection to that song.
Like a stamp on a moment in time, that particular song gave our memories a face of who we were at a particular time in our lives.
So instead of trying to name all the artists that touched my life with all their music what can I say... ďThank you, Thank you..


Our Souls are Seeds our Words are its Soil
Spreading the seeds of knowledge,
like a flower spreading its seeds in the wind.
Education is the first step, so let us begin.
Our evolution is upon us and has already begun.
It's time for all to realize, we too can shine like the sun.


Caretaker caretaker
Caretaker caretaker tell me your name,
I canít tell friend from foe, Iím in so much pain.
They say I had a stroke someplace in my brain,
Iím so afraid, the words all sound the same.
Caretaker caretaker please tell me my name,
Iím so tired, I canít remember if Iím still sane.


I can't fight every battle that comes my way,
for if I did I would be fighting all day.
So I choose my battles carefully and the time to fight them even more carefully.
For time is the real enemy, for time is the only thing that is certain.


Beautiful State
Don't let the past slow you down, we must keep swimming, if not we'll drown.
Let us not waste our time with hate, or confuse our future with our fate.
For this is our time, our time to be great, so let us embrace this beautiful state.



You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you. (Joseph Joubert)

"As long as you know how to use a phone you will never be alone"


Leaves of Grass: Walt Whitman


Beowulf Poem is an Old English epic poem consisting of 3182 alliterative long lines, set in Scandinavia, the oldest surviving epic poem of Old English and thus commonly cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature, and also arguably the earliest vernacular English literature.


Sarah Kay: If I should have a Daughter



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We were born into this
Charles Bukowski - Born Into This - Dinosauria, We (youtube)

Dinosauria, we

born like this
into this
as the chalk faces smile
as Mrs. Death laughs
as the elevators break
as political landscapes dissolve
as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
as the oily fish spit out their oily prey
as the sun is masked

we are
born like this
into this
into these carefully mad wars
into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness
into bars where people no longer speak to each other
into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings

born into this
into hospitals which are so expensive that itís cheaper to die
into lawyers who charge so much itís cheaper to plead guilty
into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes

born into this
walking and living through this
dying because of this
muted because of this
because of this
fooled by this
used by this
pissed on by this
made crazy and sick by this
made violent
made inhuman
by this

the heart is blackened
the fingers reach for the throat
the gun
the knife
the bomb
the fingers reach toward an unresponsive god

the fingers reach for the bottle
the pill
the powder

we are born into this sorrowful deadliness
we are born into a government 60 years in debt
that soon will be unable to even pay the interest on that debt
and the banks will burn
money will be useless
there will be open and unpunished murder in the streets
it will be guns and roving mobs
land will be useless
food will become a diminishing return
nuclear power will be taken over by the many
explosions will continually shake the earth
radiated robot men will stalk each other
the rich and the chosen will watch from space platforms

Danteís Inferno will be made to look like a childrenís playground
the sun will not be seen and it will always be night
trees will die
all vegetation will die
radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men
the sea will be poisoned
the lakes and rivers will vanish
rain will be the new gold

the rotting bodies of men will stink in the dark wind

the last few survivors will be overtaken by new and hideous diseases
and the space platforms will be destroyed by attrition
the petering out of supplies
the natural effect of general decay

and there will be the most beautiful silence never heard

born out of that.

The sun still hidden there
awaiting the next chapter.

Howard Polley Responds to Bukowski's true but bleak outlook....

Born out of this

The Next Chapter

Born out of this.
Human Rights, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Free to speak without censorship or persecution.
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Born out of this.
The poets and the philosophers who opened our minds.
The scientists and scholars who filled our minds with knowledge and understanding.

Born out of this
The movies that opened our eyes.
The music that touched our hearts.
The Technologies that enriched our lives.

Born out of this.
The realization for the need to improve education.
The realization to have education available to everyone.
The realization that we can solve every problem on the planet.
The realization of the power of knowledge and information.

Born out of this.
The power to stop all wars.
The power to stop all the destruction.
The power to stop all the pollution.
The power to stop all the greed, all the abuse and all the waste.

Born out of this.
The internet.
The collective intelligence of millions of people.
The collective potential of millions of people.
The collective love of millions of people.

Born out of this.
Awareness of the self.
Awareness of each other.
Awareness of our planet.
Awareness of our universe.

Born out of this
A new start, a new beginning, a new birth

Embracing our next chapter....

March 12th, 2015



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