Some of my Photos from 2012
This page will be continually updated until all 300 photos from 2012 are posted, this will  take some time...




I apologize for the lack of photo updates in 2012, and also for updates on travel stories.
But I started working on a new website in January called Basic Knowledge , which I launched in June 2012.
It took a lot of time and energy but it was definitely worth all the sacrifices that I had to make.
But don't worry I will never abandon Looking for, for both websites are linked and very much apart of each other.
So for now the Adventures in Learning are my main focus, but all the other crazy adventures are always near by
and never too far away, so stay tuned. The Next Great Adventure is just around the corner.


' 2013 is Going to be a Scream '


2013 Photos



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