Robins: 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks (video)          More Birds around my house


A Robin Bird Family with their Baby Robin Chicks in a Tree Nest in Danbury, Ct.
This is Right before a Black and White Rat Snake Attacked the Nest.
The Snake did not kill all the chicks but the parents decided to abandon the nest.
Maybe they thought the area was to dangerous to raise a family.
Some days you're the Predator and some days you're the prey.
Life in the wild has its dangers as well as its beauty.

It was sad to see the Robin family lose its young. I saw Robin Parents fight off squirrels and black birds,
 but in the end it was the snake that did them in. What was interesting was that the same black birds they chased away
were there to help the robins try to fight the snake, it seems that even wild animals can come together to fight a common enemy.
It's quite now in the back yard as we are all in mourning. Life goes on, C'est la vie

Incredible time lapse of birds nest. black rat snake (youtube)

And this is all happening in my back yard in Danbury Ct., the City is a Jungle sometimes.
A Baby Deer was also killed a few months earlier