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Looking for does not share our users personal information. But that does not mean your personal information is secure because we cannot control other websites privacy policies and what they do with your personal information. So we encourage our members and site visitors to be aware of the privacy policies of our advertisers, affiliates and the other websites that we link too. Disclaimer about the thousands of website links that are on this website: Please be aware that Looking for can not be responsible for Links that no longer point to the original site on which it was intended because the Domain name, or ULR, was sold or high jacked by the people where the domain name was registered. We apologize and will remove the link as soon as we are notified. If a site we link to is found to be fraudulent in any way we will remove it and no longer link to that site. If a website that we link to does not want us to link to them we will remove it and no longer link to that site. Also be aware that Looking for cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of other sites that we link too. So when a new browser window opens we encourage our users to be aware and read the privacy statements of each website that collects personally identifiable information.

The World Wide Web is one of the greatest tools ever invented and literally the biggest library in the world. But the Internet is not a safe and secure place so be aware of the dangers and take some time to educate yourself on How to be Safer on the Internet. Whatever your age your personal information can be exploited and used against you, so be careful.

There is a strong privacy law that protects your cable viewing habits, but there is no such law that protects records of what you buy online or is there a law that protects information that is collected by other services such as social networks or advertising networks.

FCC rules offer protections against your mobile phone company selling the location data it has on you from tracking your cell phone all over town and beyond, but at the same time you are not protected under these same rules given by the USA Patriot Act.




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