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1: First know what activity or Sports you or your group are interested in doing.   Vacation Ideas

2: Where would you like to go to experience your activity?

3: Ask whatís the best place to experience this particular activity and what is the best time of year to go?

4: What type of Weather will you experience if you can only go that certain time of year?

5: How scenic would like it to be? How much free time would you like to have to be spontaneous
to explore on your own? What other attractions might be in the area that might interest you?

6: When would you like to travel and for how long? Preferred times, dates and or restrictions that might apply. Know how flexible you are and how flexible the tour group is as well.

7: How many people in your group? Will you mind being part of another group if yours is to small or do you need it to be a private affair with just your friends? Tour guided, self guided or a little of both?

8: What is the skill level of each person in your group for that particular activity? How challenging should it be or should not be? Group leader or trip planner should know each persons ability and if the tour group accommodates for different skill levels. Know what shape you're in and what shape you need to be in for your decided adventure.   Grocery Food Supplies and Recipes
Cross Training Book     Nutrition Products    Exercise & Fitness Equipment and Gear

9: What equipment will you need, if any? Could you rent equipment? Maps, Outdoor Gear,
Ask for a list of items of what the tour group offers and what type of quality gear they provide?
Travel Check List

10: Ask for all the details of your itinerary. Speak to the tour guide to get even more familiar with what your experience will be like. Read the Local Newspaper of the place your visiting.
See if there are any events happening on the dates in the areas that you are visiting that you might want to attend or want to avoid.

11: How comfortable do you need it to be? Camping or nice hotel or a little of both. Know the comfort level of each person. What kind of facilities do the camp grounds offer? Showers? electricity? Know what amenities you need, but remember going without can add to your adventure.
Know that each person has varying energy levels and moods at different times so flexibility and tolerance is important. 
So what does Adventure mean to you?

12: What will be the price range for each person in your group if any? Do you have a budget?
Ask them what variations are available and what choices of vacations do they have to choose from to give yourself options and also to assure that you get the trip thatís right for you. Don't forget to ask what the price includes because Air fare is usually not included.

13: Learn as much as you can about your activity, destination and equipment.
Get recommendations on the tour group you're using and make sure they are certified & licensed. Requires a little home work. 

14: Also ask about recommended Travel Insurance

15: Also ask about recommended Recommended Shots, Immunizations & Travel Vaccinations.

16: If traveling in a group with others, please communicate with eachother on what to bring so to share the weight. But be careful, if you depend on someone else to bring something for you, you take a chance on not getting a piece of equipment that you might need. So sometimes it's good to think that you're traveling alone so that you can make sure that you're bringing everything you need.



Travel Check List          Travel Advice & Tips          Survival Books


Please communicate to everyone so that everyone knows their responsibility. Please, always follow the Rules and Regulations of the place your visiting. Work as a team, everyone should know where they are and where they're going at all times, less mistakes will happen and you will be better prepared for a bad situation. So whether you're going alone or with others always know the Risks and Responsibilities, not just to yourself, but for others as well. When getting caught up in the excitement of the adventure, remember not to lose control of the situation because sometimes those little things that you over look might end up having the biggest impact. What to bring, less is better if you have the right gear. Recommended Outdoor Gear

Please keep in mind, no matter how well you plan a trip there is always going to be something new you're going to learn or something you wish you would have done differently. But either way, that experience will still definitely benefit you on your next trip which will be even more enjoyable because of the knowledge you've acquired.

1: Like Preparing for the Weather.
2: Your Expectations.
3: What to bring and what not to bring.
4: The quality of the Tour Group.
5: Know that coffee and other luxuries of habit might not always be there so be prepared and be aware just how you'll react if you don't have your coffee or other habits. (You might want to wean yourself off your habit before your vacation so you will have an easier time adjusting)

Of course there are more things to bring depending on your needs. The most important thing to bring is a good sense of humor because bad judgments and mishaps can happen to anyone. So enjoy yourself and learn from your mistakes. Donít blame yourself or anyone else because that will only distract you from a great moment in time and probably keep you and your travel partners from enjoying a truly great Adventure. "There are no Problems only Solutions".  Know that most vacations will seldom be absolutely perfect.

Sometimes there is usually more than one tour group offering the same activity in any given area and the difference between them will be the experience that you will have. For Example: When we visited Acadia National park in Bar Harbor Main we found several bike tour companies. We didn't plan on a tour group so we found another way to bike ride in Bar Harbor and Acadia Nat. Park. Which was to rent a bike in town at any one of the bike rental places and take one of the free shuttles (check for Schedule) into the park and ride at your own pace. Very inexpensive and flexible if you're just going on a whim instead of a tour group which is on a schedule. If you have the strength just ride into the park from town. So you might have to do a little investigating and website searches or just contact us and we'll help you locate a tour group. Our Adventure Travel page is a good place to shop for adventure travel packages with tour groups that they have pre screened. They can give you all kinds of trip ideas as well as good advice and information about your activity and destination. Of course if you're interested in planning your own trip we have great links for those as well like our Maps page,
, Hotels, Travel advice, Climbing & Hiking page and our Outdoor Gear page.

To search & compare vacations try our Adventure Travel page.

Also try our Search Page or State Links & Country Links 
or feel free to Contact us for help in your search



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