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For many, the thought of camping is tied up with images of childhood Scout or Guide trips, sleeping in leaky tents and spending most of your nights trying to get warm. However, things in the camping world have undergone a drastic transformation in recent years.

The advent of luxury camping has put the concept of this activity well and truly back on the map for many people. So, if you’re considering a camping holiday this year, here are a few tips on how to make the experience as luxurious as possible.

Select the right location

Inclement weather is simply not synonymous with the luxury camping experience, and nor should it be. Instead of choosing to take a holiday in the UK where the weather is too unpredictable, utilise your time away as an opportunity to explore countries as diverse as France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Get your accommodation right

A luxury camping experience is all about choosing the right accommodation. While traditional camping involves lugging a cumbersome tent around, companies such as Canvas Holidays do all the hard work for you. They offer a truly all-inclusive experience, with permanently pitched spacious tents, containing all the equipment that you’ll ever need, including crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

In addition, rather than cowering in your tent huddled around a makeshift table over dinner, Canvas Holidays provide all their guests with a garden patio set, so you’ll be able to enjoy alfresco dining, and truly embrace the outdoor lifestyle.


amping holidays should be about spending quality time with those that you care about. In the evenings, however, there’s bound to be a little downtime, so the right entertainment items are an essential part of your luxury camping experience.

An iPad with a portable charger is an excellent addition to your entertainment armoury. It allows you to play music, watch movies and read the latest books, all on one convenient, portable device. If you’re travelling as a family, or in a small group, a couple of portable speakers are an absolute must, allowing you all to enjoy the entertainment experience to its fullest, without having to strain your hearing.

Selecting the right food and drinks

No luxury camping experience would be complete without a hamper full of carefully selected foodstuffs and beverages. Your hamper should include: a few bottles of red and white wine, a nice bottle of vintage whiskey, an array of meats and cheeses and maybe some Belgium chocolates, unless of course that’s where you intend on taking your holiday, in which case it makes logical sense to wait until you arrive to pick up some supplies.

The little extras

With many of the necessities provided by luxury camping holiday operators, there are still a few little extras that should make it into your suitcase.

If you’re camping in a wooded area, a hammock is an excellent item to put on your shopping list. All you need are a couple of trees and you can hang your hammock in a matter of minutes, leaving you the rest of the day free to enjoy its rhythmic rocking, as you devour a good book or take a snooze.

Being in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean that you should miss out on your morning cup of coffee either. Take a stove-top espresso kettle on your trip, to give you that much-needed burst of energy in the mornings and set you up for a day of exploration.

The perfect ingredients

A truly luxurious camping experience is all about elevating your level of comfort. With the right accommodation, excellent weather and all the little luxury items you need, Canvas Holidays’ campsites are home to exquisite golf courses, luxury spas and fine dining restaurants, giving you all the ingredients for an unforgettable, truly luxurious camping experience.



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