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1: Planning your road trip close to the summer months is nice, but if you're going during July and August, be prepared for crowds at the national parks and other popular destinations and make your reservations early.   Camping Check List        Driving Across America     Road Trip Tools

2: Service your car and have a mechanic ok your car for the long trip.

3: Bring tools, extra fan belt, quart of oil, gallon of water, Hand Wipes, flash light, tire pressure gauge (check tire pressure often), car manual, garbage bags, tire chains if expecting snow, matches, can opener, pillows, babies special items, Power Inverter , Cooler and Picnic Supplies.
Picnic Tips    Folding Table   Folding Chair

4: Check your spare tire and make sure you use your car jack to make sure it works and if all the cars tires can be removed.

5: Have a Road Emergency Kit with jumper cables and a gas can. Survival Books.

6: Each person should have there own set of car keys. Don't forget a Portable First Aid Kit, and some Sun Screen and Lip Balm.

7: Bring a Rand McNally 2014 Road Atlas and also a Portable GPS Navigator. Having maps is a good idea just in case the GPS stops working and also to verify the routes you're taking, because sometimes GPS systems are not perfect. You can also use Driving Software to find campgrounds and points of interest along your chosen route.

8: Find out if there are any special events happening along your route that you might want to see or avoid.  News Papers   Events 

9: American Automobile Association (AAA) is a good place for resources. If you become a member you might be able to get some discounts at certain places.
Automobile Driving Links to Check for Road Closures and Safety Tips

10: Make Reservations to Campgrounds or Hotels if needed.

11: Make a list of things and gear that you might need. Recommended Outdoor Gear List

12: A few days before you leave, pack your car with all your gear to see if everything will fit.

13: Follow the rules and regulations of the places you are visiting and always be nice to the small town locals.

14: Make a Personal Travel Check List.   Packing Tips    Gear Checklist

15: Cell Phone and charge cord. Check with your cell phone provider to see if you have Coverage in the places you are visiting. Write down and input emergency phone # 's into your cell phone of the places you're visiting, hotel phone #, tour group phone #, car rental phone # and the airlines 800 # incase of flight changes. # 's for Embassies, police, hospitals and your doctor may also be handy.
Travel Cell Phones and GPS Rentals   Wireless solutions for over seas

16: Leave plenty of extra time on your trip to be spontaneous. Try to avoid driving in congested areas during rush hour traffic.   Road Tripper Route Planning Tool   
Waze community-based traffic and navigation App

17: Driving long distances is tiring so take breaks and share the driving. Also bring things to entertain yourselves, like music, games, toys for kids and a journal to write about your trip.
Bring a
Camera too.

18: Bring your sense of humor and be prepared to get under each otherís skin because not sleeping good, not eating good and being out of your comfort zone makes everyone a little more susceptible to irritations from travel mates. So be aware that this is usually unavoidable even on short trips.
Talk about these moments before you leave. Stay safe and stay in control. Enjoy.


Find the cheapest Gas is sold in the US    Fuel Gauge Report    Auto Parts, Tools & Accessories

Tips for Increasing Gas Mileage: First record your current gas mileage. Get a tune up and get a free breathing performance air filter. Pump up your tires to the maximum rating listed on the tires sidewalls. Use engine oil of a low viscosity. Keep your speed down, accelerate gently and do not drive aggressively. Remove cargo racks to cut down on aerodynamic drag or at least make the rack more aerodynamic. Install window deflectors to decrease drag and to avoid using the AC. To minimize the time you spend fully stopped with your engine idling let your foot off the gas the minute you see traffic slowing or a red light in front of you. Use your cruise control and drive safe. Try not to use a gas station right off the highway exit ramp because they usually have the highest prices. Search for a gas station a little further away from the exit to save money.
Clean mpg       Fuel Economy      Alternative Cars & Fuel Links     

Please Drive Safe
37,000 fatalities a year in America from driving accidents. Stats
Driving accidents cost America $164.2 billion annually.     Traffic Safety
So please drive the speed limit and pay attention to the traffic around you. If you are too tired or feel in danger then please pull over in a safe area.   Guide to Highway Safety
Highway Traffic Safety     Foundation for Traffic Safety     Safe Transportation Research


 Automobile Driving Tools  /  Accessories for Road Trips

Roadside Assistance Service Comparison

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Auto Club of America   Better World Club

Road Trippers discover, plan, and navigate

Driving Alerts / Driver Warnings
Highway Road Closures
Waze  Real-time Maps / Traffic Info
Beat the Traffic

Highway Conditions

Federal Highway Administration

Distracted Driving Help

Via Michelin

RV Links   

Mohawk Trail

Department of Motor Vehicles DMV

Renting a car away from the airport
can sometimes save you money.

Rent a Car by the Hour from Zip Car

Shared Transport Car Pooling
Go Loco
Hitchsters Ride Share to Airport

Auto Parts & Accessories

Auto Tools & Equipment

Car Care Products

Mapping Tools

Auto Relocation Services

Child Car Seats
Child Car Seats come in different sizes
for the size of the child

Babies Travel Lite

Rooftop Cargo Boxes

Cargo Straps

Luggage Concierge

Cheapest Gas is Sold in the US
Fuel Gauge Report

Scenic Byways

Optimal Road Trip Across Europe

Alternative Fuels, Electric Vehicles


Protein Bars  -  Clif Nutrition Bars  -  Beef Jerky  -   Freeze Dried Camp Food (amazon)
Cooking at the campsite for several people it's a good idea to know what meals everyone would like to eat. Know the recipes and make a list so that shopping for your food and ingredients is easy and less time consuming. Know where to shop at your destination. Have the right equipment to prepare the meal and serve it too.   Trail Mix Recipes     Recipe Websites    Grocery Food Supplies



Great Books and Magazines on Adventure Travel

Survival Books

Emergency Survival Kits

Cross Training Book





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