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Kroka Expeditions, VT.
Assisting young people in developing character, place
& responsibility

Wilderness Adventure
Adventure Program offering 1 to 4 week courses for ages 9-18 developing leadership, confidence,
self-esteem & teamwork

Wild Rockies Field Institute

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The Adventure Training Center in Santa Monica, Ca

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Be very aware that some online academic degrees are fraudulent and that every state varies in terms of what degrees they will accept. Make sure your online academic school is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of EducationHigher Education Facts


Information Websites for How To, Why, What is That Questions and Answers


  Recycle       Green Jobs       Green News       Green Products      Green Living


When it comes to deciding your education options you should ask these questions..

1. Will the knowledge and information that I gain from these educational courses provide me with the knowledge and skills to perform the work that is most needed in this world today? And the work that is most needed in the world today is based upon the current knowledge and information provided by statistics and facts. These are the jobs that will make the best improvements, make the most positive changes and make the biggest difference in people's lives.

2. Will the knowledge and information that I gain from these educational courses be in line with the things that I am passionate about doing, and also and just as important, will these educational courses provide me with the knowledge and skills to perform work that is most needed in this world today?
   Making a Difference

3. Will the knowledge and information that I gain from these educational courses provide me with the life skills and critical thinking skills that every human needs, if not, then I must also include in my education the necessary knowledge and information about life skills, critical thinking skills and also interpersonal knowledge and intrapersonal knowledge. 
Basic Knowledge 101

4. Where else can I acquire this knowledge and information from these educational courses if I cannot afford to go my school of choice?  Online Education

My educational choice can no longer be based on fame or how much money I will earn for that is a narrow-minded evaluation and is only based on lack of knowledge about the world and lack of knowledge about myself.    Higher Education    National Curriculum

My educational choice is no longer based on what jobs are available or projected to be available. Unless those jobs are proven to make the best improvements, make the most positive changes and make the biggest difference in people's lives.    Launching the Innovation Renaissance

If jobs and work is not available or projected to be available for my chosen education field then
I must include in my education the necessary knowledge and skills to make the necessary Social Changes that will help educate the public about the condition of the world and at the same time educate the public about the necessary improvements that we all have to make. 

"First have to experience the Adventures in Learning before you can experience
the Adventures in Living"

Career Choices Information

Education is an Investment in your Future
Before you start your education you have to know what knowledge is the most important for you to learn? When will be the best time to learn this new knowledge? What are the best learning methods available to learn this new knowledge? And you have to honestly answer why this particular knowledge is so important, and just how will this new knowledge benefit you and the world around you? What are your options? What are your choices? What are your responsibilities? What are your priorities? What are your time constraints? What are you waiting for? 
Basic Knowledge 101



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