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If you're driving in Alaska get the best book for road travel in Alaska  The Milepost 2009


Arctic Wild
Rafting, Canoeing in
Alaska's Arctic & Backpacking in
Gates of the
Arctic Nat. Park

Ak Discovery


Alaska Mountain Guides

Alaska Dog Sled

Alaska Raft

Go Alaska Tours

Alaska Travel Planner

Great Alaska

Alaska One

Alaskan Arctic Expeditions
offers the most adventurous arctic
dogsled trips in Alaska. Fueled by
pure bred Alaskan malamutes you
will explore the farthest reaches
accessible only by dog team in the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(ANWR). The expeditions include;
cross country skiing, wildlife viewing
and photography, mountaineering,
ice fishing, and exploring the
untouched and remote Arctic Refuge.
Join us today! Please view our
website at;

Denali outdoor Center

Wrangell St. Elias Nat. Park
Largest Park in the U.S.
20,587 square miles with
over 13 million acres. nps

Alaska Wilderness League

Explore Fairbanks

Alaska Guides Directory

Alaska ATV Adventures

Santa Claus House

Alaska Visit

Lumberjack Shows

Tongass National Forest
Largest US National Forest
& Temperate Rainforest

Camp Alaska

Camp Denali

Travel Alaska

High Frequency Active
Auroral Research Program



Alaska Fishing Links

The Fish House

Fishing Alaska Salmon

Fishing Supplies & Gear

Kalsin Bay Inn

Riversong Lodge is a world class
fishing lodge located at Lake Creek, Alaska. Guests enjoy salmon fishing, relaxing in the Alaska fishing lodge, reading on the deck and touring our expansive gardens. Come experience the best salmon fishing in the world at our Alaska lodge.

Doc Warners

More Fishing Links

Vacation Rentals

Halibut Cove Lodge
Adventures in Alaska



Alaska Get Up and Go! Tours
Get Up and Go! to Alaska. 'Active, Informative, Fun!' 6 to 20-day guided multi-sport, hiking and family adventure tours in the Great  Land of Alaska. Hike, kayak, glacier trek, ice climb, raft, canoe,  view wildlife, and live large under the midnight sun. Affordable.  (888) 868-4147 or (907) 245-0795.



The Alaska Collection (photos)





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