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Howie's Chicken Soup Recipe                                                  Bookmark and Share  
Makes around 20 Bowls of Soup
Freezing four 32 oz. sealed container bowls to eat during the week



  • Sliced Mushrooms or you may chop
    whole ones if you like. ( 8 oz.)

  • Frozen chopped Spinach or you may
    chop fresh Spinach. (10 oz.)

  • Package of Celery stalks (1 lb.) or 2 hearts of celery because 2 hearts are better then one....I love you.

  • Package of Carrots (1 lb.)

  • One Onion (Sweet or White)

  • No Yolks Extra Broad Noodles (12 oz.)

  • Whole Chicken ( 5 lb.)

  • 3 Cooked Chicken Breasts (optional)


  • Sea Salt (1 tbs.) (regular salt if you like)
    Salt Substitutes for Low Sodium Diets

  • Pepper (fresh ground or regular) (1 tbs.)

  • Garlic (Half Jar Minced or 1 clove Chopped ) 1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic = 1 clove of garlic
    1 bulb = 10 cloves

  • Olive Oil (1 tbs.)

  • Thyme Leaves (1 tbs.)

  • Crushed Rosemary (1 tbs.)

  • Parsley Flakes (1 tbs.)

  • Oregano Leaves (1 tbs.)

  • Bay leaves 5 (optional)

          Conversions for Measuring


To make this meal even healthier I like to use o
rganically grown food, Free-Range Certified 100% Organic Chicken, whole wheat blend pasta that is cholesterol and yolk free, portabella mushrooms and half a bag of the mixed beans.
When the soup cools down you can skim some of the fat off that floats to the top. Using a
salt substitute that is sodium free is also a great idea.

How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken
Cooking With Melissa Clark (youtube)


Now dress comfortably and play your favorite music and or favorite TV show or movie in the back ground. (Dancing is optional)


Note: You need to use four 32 oz. sealable container bowls or an extra pot because the 8 Quart pot (or 2 gallon pot) is not enough to hold all the soup because you have to add some more water at the end. You may also vary your ingredients to suit your taste and the amount of soup you wish to make. (8 Quart Pot is 9.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep)



  1. First I remove the giblets from the chicken and throw them away. Now I wash the chicken and put my whole chicken in the oven and bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.

  2. Now fill the 8 quart pot with 1/3 water and put on a large burner at medium heat to bring to a simmer or slow boil. (I like to use my Brita water filter for my water).

  3. While the water is heating up I wash and peel my carrots and then chop them on a cutting board and then add them to the pot.

  4. This is when I add my spices.

  5. Wash and chop your celery and add to the pot.

  6. Wash and chop your onion and add to the pot.

  7. Wash and chop your mushrooms and add to the pot.

  8. Now your pot should be at a slow boil while you're waiting for you whole chicken to finish baking. Stir your pot once in a while.

  9. When the whole chicken is done add the whole chicken to the pot.

  10. Now cook for 1 hour at a slow boil or simmer with the lid on or off. If the lid is on remember you have to use a lower temperature or it will boil to much.

  11. This is when I do some clean up so I don't have to do it all at the end.

  12. Now I like to cook 3 chicken breasts for 20 minutes to add to the soup later.

  13. After an hour or so I carefully remove the whole chicken from the pot and put it on a plate to cool.

  14. Now I chop the cooked chicken breasts and add them to the pot as the whole chicken is cooling.

  15. Now I strip the meat off the whole chicken and add it to the pot. I also like to break some large bones in half and put them back in the pot too. Cut the bones a little with a knife because it makes them easy to break in half.

  16. Next I add my chopped spinach.

  17. Next when the pot is back to a slow boil I add my noodles and cook for 10 minutes. You have to push the noodles down a little to get them in. And it must be boiling.

  18. As your noodles are cooking I prepare my sealable bowls by filling them with 1/3 water.

  19. After 10 minutes when the noodles are done I fill the bowls with the chicken soup and let them sit to cool before freezing them. Do not fill completely leave a little room for freezing.

  20. Now that I freed up some more space in the pot I add some more water so that it's not that thick. usually around 46 oz. or 6 cups of water.

  21. Average cooking time from start to finish is around 3 hours. Makes around 20 ten ounce bowls. The leftovers can be put into a smaller pot and placed in the refrigerator to eat later.



This chicken soup will have chicken bones and small pieces of bones so this soup should not be given to a small child or some one who is not aware of the bones that could be a choking hazard.

Now you are ready to eat my totally awesome chicken soup!!
Please add some sea salt and crushed pepper corns to suit your taste.


Cost: Prices do vary depending on store, location and sales

Celery $3.69
Noodles $2.29
Carrots $1.49
Whole Chicken $4.00
Sliced Mushrooms $2.99
Minced Garlic 1 tbs. Jar $2.00
Red Onion $2.00
4 Boneless Breast Chicken $5.00
1 package of chopped spinach $1.00
The cost of spices varies but lets say $1.00

Total: around $25.00 about $1.25 a bowl if you make 20 bowls (I eat 3 bowls a day sometimes)


Chicken Roasting times if Just having baked Chicken

Chicken Roasting times (unstuffed)

Chicken Roasting times (stuffed)



2 - 3 lbs -
3 - 4 lbs -
4 - 5 lbs -
5 - 6 lbs -
1 - 1 hrs
1 - 1 hrs
1 - 2 hrs
1 - 2 hrs
 2 - 3 lbs -
3 - 4 lbs -
4 - 5 lbs -
5 - 6 lbs -
1 - 2 hrs
1 - 2 hrs
2 - 2 hrs
2 - 2 hrs

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