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ďTravelling Abroad: What to do if Youíre Involved in an AccidentĒ

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Itís every holidaymakerís worst nightmare: youíre enjoying a great break away when disaster strikes. Thatís why itís important to remember that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

Read the following tick-list to make sure you know what to do before and during an emergency.

Get insurance

Donít overlook medical cover when you book a holiday. The UK is one of the few countries to have free medical care Ė most nations charge. Donít be complacent and think nothing will ever happen to you. There are so many great deals out there like Co-operative Legal Services which is good value and will ensure you have full legal cover both in the UK and when youíre travelling overseas.

Seek medical treatment

Make sure you know the emergency phone number when you travel overseas. If you are in the European Union you can dial 112 which will give you an English-speaking operator.

Emergency services will also automatically be able to trace your location from the handset you are using so even if you cannot speak or donít know where you are, if you have this number you should be found.

Ask for a doctor who speaks English

Once you arrive in hospital, be cooperative and donít panic. It can be confusing enough to be in a country where few people speak English, let alone if you have an injury due to an accident.

Try to stay calm and ask for a doctor who speaks English. Donít expect the doctor to necessarily speak the same level of English as youíre used to though; be patient and take the time to get all the questions you have answered to your satisfaction.

Phone your loved ones

Once youíve at least received your initial treatment you need to make sure that the people back home know youíre alive and what condition you are in. Because of the nature of news and the internet, your loved ones may have learned of your accident (depending on its level of seriousness, of course) even before youíve had time to be treated.

So make sure you stop their worrying by letting them know your condition. You also need their support and advice, so donít be afraid to ask for it.

Get home

The next stage is usually to get back home so you can rest up and recuperate. Contact your travel provider and arrange for your trip home to be brought forward. Tell your provider what has happened to you, so they can help make sure you get the assistance you need to return home.


Once you do get back youíll be able to access familiar UK health services and get support from friends and family. At this stage youíll be able to find out if you need to make use of Co-op Personal Injury Claims to ensure you are compensated for your accident.


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