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Travel Check List  -  Travel Planning                       Print-out Checklist Form Version
1: Airline Tickets. Does everyone have their flight tickets or e-ticket receipts? You can also print out your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight on the airlines website on domestic flights.
Carefully review your tickets for any name spelling errors, date errors and secondary airline flight changes because airlines might give flights to other airlines. Know the type of Plane you are flying in so you are aware of any flight restrictions or preferences you have. Have the Airlines 800 # 's written down or in your cell phone. 
Ticket Buying Tips   Airlines - Airport Info   Group Travel Questions

2: Photo ID is a must ( 3 ID's are better especially when leaving the country: drivers license, valid passport and a birth certificate copy in case you lose your Passport. New Passport Rules

3: Make photo copies of all your documentation, front and back, for someone else to hold to access them later in an emergency (drivers license, passport, birth certificate copy and medical needs)
Write down credit cards numbers with the banks 800 number in case they're lost or stolen.

4: Take 2 Credit Cards, some money and travelers checks and know where they're excepted.
ATM locations if needed and have pin # 's before you leave. 
Road Trip Check List

5: Do your Laundry, Tidy up your House and Pay your Bills before you Leave.

6: Know that your home is secured and looked afterNotify Police who to call incase of emergency. Let trusted neighbors know your plans. If home is unattended, do all the necessary preparations. Make sure your Mail and News Papers are taken care of. Clean refrigerator. Have Pets cared for. Have your yard and plants cared for if needed. Have your water shut off if needed.
Traveling with Pets   House Sitter Service   Pet Sitting Service   
Travel Insurance
(Always tell someone you know your travel plans especially if Traveling Solo)

7: Know your budget and know what things will cost at your destinations.

8: Know the exchange rates and where to get the best deals. Currency Converter. If you can, convert a small amount of your money in small denominations before you leave home to get familiar with each ones value and name.

9: Weather Preparation (Clothes and Gear suitable for conditions)
Recommended Gear     Outdoor Gear Check List and Camping List    Backpacking Tips

The Libre Sweater Knit from ultrasoft, naturally insulating llama fiber for everyday wear.

10: Learn about your destination. Where not to go, local laws, Protect yourself and your valuables. Don't forget any permits that you might need. If you have a Digital Camera take a picture of your contact information and protect the image in case you lose your camera and someone finds it they will know where to return it.    Wanderbat    Like Bucket Travel Tools

11: All your gear has been tested, checked and is in good condition. Back Country Repair Kit  Recommended Gear Always bring Extra Batteries.

12: Language Tools. Digital Translators   Learning a New Language

13: Necessary Vaccinations or Immunizations if needed. Portable First Aid KitSun Screen
Lip Balm
Be aware of things that make you more sensitive to the Sun, like high altitude, vitamins, medication, alcohol and reflection from sand, snow or water. If you need vision correction, get a set of extra glasses or update your Contact Lenses prescription.

14: Know about Travel Restrictions, warnings and medical coverage. Get Travel Insurance if needed.
Travel Advice and Tips (Make copies of any important
medical prescriptions for someone else to hold that might be needed if lost)

15: All reservations are confirmed before you leave. Write down Confirmation numbers and put Flights, Rental Cars, Hotels and Tours phone numbers in your cell phone.

16: Always Examine your Rental Car for Damage before you leave. Remember that the credit card you use to rent the car might be covering you for insurance. Car Travel Check List

17: Make sure everyone in your group is aware of all the travel plans and Itinerary.
Maps and GPS updated with locations.

18: Cell Phone, Charge Cord and adapters if needed. Check with your cell phone provider to see if you have Coverage in the places you are visiting. Write down and input emergency phone # 's into your cell phone of the places you're visiting (know your destinations 911 #, hotel phone #, tour group phone #, car rental phone # and the airlines 800 # incase of flight changes, embassies, police, hospitals and your doctor to name a few. To save money on cell Phone roaming charges you can rent a travel phone, switch SIM cards, use internet (VOIP) or temporally switch to an overseas calling plan.   Wireless Solutions for Travelers  ChargEST Universal Travel Adapter

19: Pack everything into your luggage to see if it fits a few days before you leave.
Space Saving Travel Bags Vacuum Sealed without a Vacuum     Luggage Tips
Standard carry on luggage size ( 22 X 14 X 9 for a total of 45") 40lb. limit, but, if it doesn't fit in the over head or under the seat, it will have to be checked in, so know your planes limitations on all your flights. (Security Measures & Banned items) When you check in your bags make sure the tracking ticket has the name of the city of your final destination.

Have a Nice Day Pack to carryon and an X-Large Rolling Duffel Bag to check in or ship.
(Never leave your valuables unattended and protect your belongings at all times)
Pack your most important valuables in your carryon (tickets, money, electronics, cameras with extra batteries and charger, etc.)  Label all your luggage with your name, address and phone numbers with a tag that is easily identifiable. Also place ID in side your checked in baggage incase the outside ID tag gets torn off. Also think about shipping your most important items ahead to avoid being lost by the airline.
Baggage GPS Tracker   Luggage Ideas  

20: Get second opinions about your trip, destination and gear. (Make your own personal Check List)

21: Getting a good night sleep is so important when traveling, so be prepared, a sleepy head is no fun, plus, your alertness is not as sharp as it should be so be extra careful on your adventures.
Sleeping Knowledge   -   Nutrition   -   Grocery Food Supplies

22: Remember to stretch regularly and walk around on those long flights. Bring a book or note paper and a pencil to write to help pass the time. Bring an inflatable pillow and something warm to wear if you want to sleep on your flight. Dress comfortably. I heard that Saline Spray can help make nasal passages feel clear and more comfortable. Breathe Right Nasal Strips can also be helpful.
Bring some healthy snacks with you because food is not always available.

23: Wash your hands especially after touching common areas when traveling. Hand Wipes

24: Though planning each day of your vacation is important, you should always leave time on your trip to be spontaneous.

25: Make sure that your Sense of Humor is with you at all times and know that no trip will ever be perfect.

26: Get a Haircut, Clip your Nails and be well Groomed before you travel. Look nice and feel nice.

27: Not sleeping good, not eating good and being out of your comfort zone makes everyone a little more susceptible to irritations from travel mates. So be aware that this is usually unavoidable even on short trips. Talk about these moments before you leave. Stay safe and stay in control. Enjoy.  Car Travel Check List     Hotel & Motel Safety Tips by The Motel & Lodging Association


Vacations are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, and also experience new food, music, language and scenic places, things that make you feel more connected to your environment, family and community. Though vacations can be restful, recharging and intellectually stimulating, vacations can also be very stressful that could pose risks to your mental and physical health. Health risks like stress caused by sticking to a set schedule or by trying too hard to make the most of a trip. Plus there's the stress of returning home to household chores and a backlog at work. Another Health risk is excessive drinking or overeating; gastrointestinal problems due to strange foods, a busy schedule or lack of privacy. And then there's sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, lack of time to yourself, conflict with fellow travelers and homesickness also make up the risks.



Protein Bars  -  Clif Nutrition Bars  -  Beef Jerky  -   Freeze Dried Camp Food
Cooking at the campsite for several people it's a good idea to know what meals everyone would like to eat. Know the recipes and make a list so that shopping for your food and ingredients is easy and less time consuming. Know where to shop at your destination. Have the right equipment to prepare the meal and serve it too.   Trail Mix Recipes     Recipe Websites    Grocery Food Supplies


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